Bimby gets Julia Barretto a Gucci pasalubong from Japan

What is Bimby's pasalubong from Gucci for Julia Barretto?



6/25/2018 12:30 PM
Bimby gets Julia Barretto a Gucci pasalubong from Japan

Photo credit: Kris Aquino's FB (R)/ @juliabarretto (L) on IG

Kris Aquino, her children and their friends recently took a trip to Japan to celebrate Josh's birthday. A Tokyo vlog was uploaded on Kris Aquino's page on Sunday, June 24, chronicling their fun-filled trip for Kris' eldest son.

Aside from the food trip, they also shopped around Japan. Kris revealed that they do visit Japan four times a year. "I just love Japan. We love the food. And we love the shopping," Kris said on why they constantly visit the country.

Bimby, just proving how thoughtful he is, got Julia Barretto a Gucci pasalubong during their shopping escapade. Bimby even sent a text message to Julia to ask her what she wanted. "I'll get ate Julia this one. I'll get brownie points," he said while carrying boxes of shoes. Bimby also bought a pasalubong for Julia's onscreen partner Joshua Garcia. JoshLia are set to star with Kris Aquino in the upcoming movie "I Love You Hater."

See the video below: