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Xander Lee shares his top three bucket list items include finding a girlfriend

The One Night Food Trip - International Edition season 2 star always loves returning to the Philippines.


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6/25/2018 7:27 AM
Xander Lee shares his top three bucket list items include finding a girlfriend


After being part of a local teleserye last year, K-pop heartthrob Xander Lee returned to the Philippines this time to compete in the second season of One Night Food Trip - International Edition by tVN Asia. 

“I gained one to two kilos through this show (laughs). It doesn’t show but I did. I love going on food shows but I’ve never tried eating so much. I would say Korean food is less complicated. It’s very simple and there’s only a few kinds of base like the chili pepper sauce. But Filipino food is quite complicated in a good way because it’s influenced by Spanish cuisine and different cultures like Chinese so it’s very flavorful I would say,” he shared during their grand press conference held last June 22 in Pasay City.

The talented actor-host revealed he has always been a big fan of the halo-halo whenever he is in town. “I’m always here for halo-halo. I’m sorry, aside from my fans, it’s the halo-halo. I can’t believe I didn’t have halo-halo this time. Every time I come here I really like halo-halo because every country they have their own version of it like bingsu and ice kachang for Malaysia and whatever. But I really like halo-halo with ube ice cream. That’s the bomb,” he said. 

In the show, Xander teamed up with another K-pop idol Nichkhun, whom he said he enjoyed the foodie adventure with as they visited various places in Cebu and Manila. “We thought about strategies but at the end the food was amazing so we didn’t really need a strategy to eat it but I think my least favorite I would say is dinuguan. I personally believe that dinuguan, when it’s not cooked properly, has a little smell in it, the pork has a bloody smell. It’s quite for me to eat it. But I like to eat it with puto,” he remarked. 

When asked what food he thinks would best describe him as a person, Xander does not have to think long to share his answer. “I don’t think there’s any sexy or crazy food right? Just kidding! Char. I would say halo-halo. If fruit, I would be a durian but if food then halo-halo because it’s a mixture of different kinds of ingredients. Every country you have a halo-halo. I just have to adjust myself in every country. And I would say durian also because it’s either you like it or you don’t like it. If you like me or you don’t like me then I’m sorry but I’m still the king of the fruit (laughs),” he said jokingly. 

At 29 years old, Xander also revealed his ultimate bucket list which he says he is not in any rush to fulfill just yet. “Number one is to find a girlfriend, get married and have kids! (laughs) Three perfect ones. Of course that’s my bucket list sooner or later, but now I’m just enjoying the moment. Eventually my three bucket list  is of course to find the perfect one, get married, and have kids and my own family. That would be perfect. But that may never happen. So maybe I’ll buy a cat or a dog and live happily ever after (laughs),” he added. 

The four-part Philippine segment of One Night Food Trip - International  Edition 2 starts airing on July 30, Monday on tVN Asia.