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KC Concepcion on body image: “It’s about having a healthy and happy body”

KC Concepcion shares her fitness tips and how she struggled with chronic fatigue.



6/25/2018 7:19 AM
KC Concepcion on body image: “It’s about having a healthy and happy body”


“I am working towards getting my best body yet, and that means having a happy body,” KC Concepcion shared in the recent Beauty Fair hosted by Shopee. KC joined fellow Women’s Rights advocates Megan Young, Martha Jante, Kristine Roces, and Helen Payawal in encouraging Filipinas everywhere to push towards achieving their goals. 

KC revealed that she had struggled with chronic fatigue for years. “I was so stressed about so many things. One thing that I have been learning these two years that I’ve been away from the spotlight is to really learn to give yourself time to just be. Stop doing and doing all the time, and just be. Enjoy life, breathe, and relax your mind.”

KC also shared the ups and downs of her fitness journey with her followers, tagging it #TheKCFitnessDiary. She further explained, “I’m focusing on that healthy #LifestyleChange with eating, exercise, resting, stress management, and being GOOD to you mind and body every single day.” 

KC stressed that the focus is not on having a thin body. “It’s about being healthy and having a happy body. Dapat healthy and happy ‘yung mind at ‘yung katawan.” In the industry she’s in, there are a lot of expectations of women. “A lot of those tend to be so physical. First of all, you’re expected to be so thin and fit. Sa genes namin, hindi kami tingting, ‘di ba? I don’t believe in totally supporting being really big, because then it can mean na hindi ka healthy. Hindi din naman ako okay sa anorexic na payat. I’ve always believed in having a healthy body. I really spend a lot of time getting healthier and learning about my body.” 

For the last couple of years, KC has made a deliberate move towards having a healthy and happy body. She exercises and eats healthier food. Her followers have seen her do boxing, pilates, dancing, and yoga. Another health tip: “Every morning, I have lemon juice. So I squeeze a lemon with hot water and honey. I drink it before I take anything, bago ako kumain, bago ako magkape.”

KC defines beauty as being natural. “It’s not so much about the trends. Honestly, I love make up and all these things, but sometimes you just have to be natural.” While other people focus a lot on outward beauty, KC has learned that beauty is not just skin deep. “Be natural. Be confident. Try not to be too strict or too serious with yourself. Allow yourself to play and have fun.”