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K-pop idol Nichkhun reveals why he loves Pinoy sisig and calamansi juice

The 2PM member shares details of his recent Philippine trip.


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6/25/2018 7:31 AM
K-pop idol Nichkhun reveals why he loves Pinoy sisig and calamansi juice


After recently visiting the country as part of one of the contestants of tVN Asia’s second season of One Night Food Trip - International Edition, K-pop idol Nichkhun shared why it was an unforgettable experience. 

“My impression about this show was that I was about to eat too much because I’m not such a big eater but before I came here I was really worried. In this show you really have to eat the food or you can’t describe the food. I think that’s the difference between before and now. Here we actually have to explain and describe to the viewers what it tastes like,” he said during the tVN Asia presscon held last June 22 in Pasay City. 

In the show, NIchkhun teamed up with actor-host Xander Lee to go against another team composed of Ciara Sotto and Danica Pingris-Sotto. 

“We actually made a really good team and if you watch this show you would be surprised because I can’t imagine we really ate that much. The show is both like showing the beauty of the country and the different cuisines but it’s also a competition between two teams. It was fun but it wasn’t easy. I think eating in the program is more like exercising so before you exercise you need to stretch your muscles. So that’s what we did before we started eating as you’ll see in the show if they don’t cut it out (laughs). We kind of used out heads a little bit. Overall, I think we pretty much cleared all the plates whenever we could,” he explained. 

Out of all the food they tried during the show, Nichkhun revealed what his new favorite Pinoy dish is. “I’ve tried some Filipino cuisine and I really loved them so if you see the show you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s very nice. I liked the sisig. We had the sisig that’s made with the pork face and that was wow, that was really good. I think it was my first time having that and I wanted it to just be spicier so I held a chili in one hand and I’m eating sisig with the other hand. With the rice it was so good,” he said. 

To help digest all the food they had to eat, the 2PM member said that the Philippine local fruit calamansi became their palate cleanser in between meals. His partner Xander shared they chose this because it helped aid in their digestion and also good for their diet. 

“I think me and Xander both very adventurous when it comes to food. We like to try everything in the local country and in terms of digestion personally, I think calamansi is best. That’s what we kept drinking. Either calamansi or cola. The cola would make us too full so at one time we actually ate fresh calamansi. Like not even the juice, we just ate the calamansi.”