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Nadine Lustre on her father Ulyses being her source of strength: ‘He is amazing’

Nadine Lustre also reveals why her family loves gaming so much.


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6/16/2018 10:45 AM
Nadine Lustre on her father Ulyses being her source of strength: ‘He is amazing’

Photo credit: @Jollibee on Twitter

Fresh from doing a series of shows in the US, Nadine Lustre went straight back to her showbiz commitments in the country even though her entire family is going to be abroad this coming Father’s Day. “My dad is not here. He’s in the States. Actually when we were in the States they were there din kaya lang they’re staying there muna for now for vacation and it’s my sister, brother, and my mom’s birthday. First time in the States so medyo mahaba-haba yung vacation nila. Nandun sila pero for sure I have a gift for my dad,” she shared during her Samsung Galaxy J6 presscon held last June 14 in Pasay City.

After their entire family went through a difficult time late last year after her younger brother Isaiah tragically passed away, Nadine said it was her father Ulyses who has been their constant source of strength. “My dad is probably the strongest person that I know. A lot has happened last year and I’m just really happy that siya yung anchor namin eh. So siya talaga yung humahawak sa aming lahat na hindi kami basta basta mag-gi-give up. Siya yung nagpapasaya sa amin all the time. Parati siyang nagpapatawa. He is amazing,” she said.

One of Nadine’s favorite bonding memories with her dad has always been playing video games. “My dad is also a gamer. Back in the day he loved playing console games so I think our bonding was gaming and watching movies because he also loves watching movies as well,” she said.

Even though they are on separate continents at the moment, Nadine said she and her family are always in touch. “I always see my family. They’re in the States right now so medyo matagal kaming hindi magkikita but we always talk. My brother plays a lot of games too so sometimes we play together but online or I hang out with them most of the time and also with my mom,” she said.

The 24-year-old artist also shared why she is always on her phone. “I spend a lot of time on my phone. We’re always traveling, we have a lot of time just sitting down and not doing anything and here going from north to south is always traffic so I’m always on my phone listening to music, watching series, and of course, playing games,” she added.