Sofia Andres, hindi muna lalabas sa TV ng isang buwan



6/13/2018 12:47 PM
Sofia Andres, hindi muna lalabas sa TV ng isang buwan

Photo credit: @iamsofiaandres on IG


Sofia Andres took to Twitter to share that she will not appear on TV at the time being. "I have decided to lie low for a month. It's good to be focusing & loving yourself when you know you are slowly losing yourself from pushing it too hard. I learned a lot of things, to appreciate more, to be more positive," she wrote.

Sofia revealed that she declined television projects because she thinks she is not ready yet. "I'm not ready to give my all yet but hopefully soon. I'm really trying my best. Thank you for those who have been so supportive and for those who never give up with their anxiety," she stated.

Amid the personal challenges she has been facing, Sofia is looking forward to have better days. "I can't wait for the time to love again, to love something, to love someone without worrying, & without overthinking. I wish I could stop everything, all the negative thoughts but we are not our anxiety. We are strong, we are fine," she posted.

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