Gretchen Barretto responds to a netizen calling her plastic

This is how Gretchen Barretto reacted to a netizen calling her plastic



6/12/2018 11:51 AM
Gretchen Barretto responds to a netizen calling her plastic


Gretchen Barretto did not let a netizen dampen her spirit and responded to the basher who called her plastic. In an Instagram post, Gretchen posted a screenshot of the netizen's comment saying, "Ung pagtulong mo sa mga kapuspalad ay isang pakitang tao mo lang. Ang plastik ng pagktao mo."

In response, Gretchen remarked, "AND WHAT WILL I GAIN FROM BEING PLASTIC ?! ( or Pakitang tao ) I have retired from show business, I am not into politics) I do not need your approval. Move on ... Get a life [sic]."

She added that the netizen would be better off being productive instead of projecting negativity towards her.

"You are projecting your anger & bitterness towards me. Be productive, work & earn a living & help others before you waste precious time on me (someone you don’t know personally) peace , love & light. if you think you can bully me by posting nasty comments, this ones for you. BRING IT ON.... I’m ready for you [sic]," Gretchen wrote.

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