Wow! Anne Curtis nakarami ng 3-point shots sa basketball

Anne Curtis: 'Kaya watch out Stephen Curry!'



6/1/2018 5:15 PM
Wow! Anne Curtis nakarami ng 3-point shots sa basketball

Photos credit to @annecurtissmith IG


Anne Curtis showcased her basketball skills and made numerous 3-point shots during a basketball session with her fitness coach. Anne posted the clip on Instagram much to the amazement her fans.

"When you’re super ganado and discover you’re a 3-point shooter pala and better than @erwan at basketball NAAAAAAAAAAAKS" she captioned her post.

She added that her enthusiasm might have been fueled by the success of her "Sid & Aya" film and her elation about her upcoming "BuyBust" movie.

The "It's Showtime" host said, "Could be because I’m so happy about the performance and feedback of Sid & Aya, then I was blown away by BUYBUST which I got to watch for the first time last night. GRABE S’YA. Yun lang masasabi ko. Kaya be sure to check out the PG rated trailer before S&A starts. August 1 na kami. Basta! Super happy!!!! Kaya watch out Stephen Curry! P.S - I still can’t do that between the legs crossover dribble kembular. 😂 #WALEY."

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