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Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano on traveling with baby Seve: ‘Teamwork talaga kami’

The celebrity couple also share their plans if their son will want to join showbiz someday.


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5/7/2018 9:07 AM
Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano on traveling with baby Seve: ‘Teamwork talaga kami’

Photo credit: @severianoelliott on IG


After the arrival of their son Seve in 2016, director Paul Soriano shared that their schedule has naturally revolved around their firstborn. 

“Of course majority of our lives is about Seve but we make time. If we have a two hour break we do a quick dinner while he is sleeping in the house, mga quick date nights. We don’t plan that kasi we don’t know the schedule but we make time for each other. Because that’s also important in a married relationship. We see to it that everything that we will do in our jobs are things that in the future our son can be proud of us,” Paul said. 

Toni Gonzaga added that their bonding time is actually when they are both in the bathroom together. “Actually we always talk in our toothbrush time, yun ang parang alone time namin. May quick date nights and lunch dates,” she shared. 

This year, Toni revealed they want Seve to see more of the United States.
“We want to bring him to Colorado, and Hawaii. Kasi we see a lot more of improvement to his motor skills and there are milestones na nangyayari every time we travel. Parang na-bo-broaden yung horizons niya. So parang mas mabilis yung pag-ma-mature niya as a baby. But it’s very challenging. I think traveling with a baby is really going to test your relationship as a couple. It’s a major test in the relationship. A test of patience, understanding. First time namin mag-travel with a yaya nung Hong Kong lang. But yung Europe trip namin no yaya. But it’s worth it. it was so tiring when we were doing it but looking back parang I’m so happy we did it. It was an experience that bonded us more as a family,” she explained. 

Paul said he and Toni also become closer when they travel as a family. 

“We really have to apply teamwork because I can’t expect naman Tin to do everything. It’s teamwork so usually while she’s bathing him, I’m preparing his milk and his clothes. And when Seve is sleeping we’re taking care of ourselves. Teamwork talaga kami. The challenges are there but I think it’s worth it. Every time we travel we are able to open his eyes to something new so we think it stimulates not just his imagination but his mind and his body. We’re definitely trying to keep it as traditional as possible. Introducing him to the outdoors and trying to travel a lot. He’s gone to more countries that I think I was when I was one year old. We try to bring him wherever we go outside the country or even just within the Philippines.” 

When the time comes that their son can choose whether or not to follow in their footsteps as a director or actor, direk Paul admitted he and Toni are going to be open-minded about it. 

“Whatever Seve wants we will support. We already understand that he already is technically kind of in show business. He was born into it. So as parents we are trying to manage it, we’re trying to give him a normal a childhood as possible. That’s why we like traveling. We can kind of be ourselves. Of course Seve gets a share of pictures when we go out and it’s all new to him so we try to minimalize it as much as possible and see how he grows up and eventually he’ll have his own mind and he’ll tell us what he wants to do and we’ll support him 100%,” he remarked.