LISTEN TO THIS: James Reid releases new single “16B”



5/7/2018 9:01 AM
LISTEN TO THIS: James Reid releases new single “16B”

Photo credit: @james on IG


James Reid released his newest single “16B” last Sunday, May 6. 

According to his Instagram, his single in now available for download on Spotify and ITunes. 

“Y’all should know by now I write my own lyrics and melodies. This song was inspired by a close friend. Yes 16B is a place, a place where even the most fiery of souls can get lost in the pretty lights,” the singer-actor said in his post. 


James, together with his girlfriend Nadine Lustre are currently in Japan promoting their latest film, “Never Not Love You.” He also had a simple advanced birthday celebration there, with the Japanese distributors of the film. 

He will be turning 25 on May 11.