Is Bailey May pursuing a Hollywood career soon?

Now that he is part of the global pop group Now United, is Bailey May thinking of pursuing a career in Hollywood?


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5/7/2018 10:15 AM
Is Bailey May pursuing a Hollywood career soon?

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Being part of Now United, Simon Fuller’s global pop music group, has been a great learning experience according to Kapamilya artist Bailey May. The teen star has been going back and forth from the Philippines to the US to fulfill his duties as a member of the group. 

“Being part of Now United is amazing and to be honest with you I have seen so much growth within myself and with my talent. And it's just amazing to hang out with these kids from around the world who have the same passion as I am and I've learned so much. I don't think I could have performed in ASAP if I didn't go through Now United,” he said in an interview at his send-off party organized by the BaiLona fans club on Sunday, May 6. 

Now United has been touring around the world to perform and Bailey considers his trip to Russia recently as one of the most memorable experiences he had so far with the group. 

“The best experience for me is meeting the fans in Russia because di ba if you're a Filipino like me, it's very weird to find like international fans, like pure Russian girls and boys. You know it's a weird feeling but it's the best feeling,” he shared. Bailey is looking forward to guesting in more shows around the world and to perform in the Ellen deGeneres show. 

With his blossoming international career, is he going to pursue a career in Hollywood after his stint in Now United? 

“To be honest with you, wherever is the best really. For me, I am very happy in the Philippines. Kaya kong ipagpatuloy ang career ko dito kasi masaya ako. Pwede namang back and forth Hollywood-Philippines, but I am very happy in the Philippines and I am seeing myself having a career here in the future and also in Hollywood,” he stated.