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EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz and Gee-ann Abrahan share the journey of their PBB love story

The former PBB Season 2 housemates share how they have never had jealousy issues in their relationship.


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5/7/2018 8:55 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz and Gee-ann Abrahan share the journey of their PBB love story


It’s been more than a decade since they left the Pinoy Big Brother house and a lot has changed in the lives of former housemates turned real-life couple Mickey Perz and Gee-ann Abrahan. 

The married couple are now expecting their first child this coming June.
“I think definitely from PBB to now, before we were total opposites and I think that’s the reason we worked out because at the end we complemented each other. Before I was known as Mr. Serious, I’m still serious a bit but I learned how to appreciate things more, to see things more in a lighter side, and actually through Geeann, I understood the meaning of being more open to a lot of things, being more emotional. Kasi everything about emotion I don’t really show. So natuto akong parang mas magmahal. And I learned the Filipino culture even more,” Mickey told PUSH. 

Gee-ann admitted she would never have ended up dating Mickey if it weren’t for their time inside the PBB house. 

“With Mickey kasi, everything that people say about love, for me, I feel it. I understand it. Like if people say it’s magic or it’s meant to be, there are a lot of moments na parang we feel like, ‘Whoa we were destined!’ Ganun. We always match each other, yung mga signs. Pero at the same time when people say love is not destiny, you have to work for it, I also feel that part. Because we’re so different we also had to put in effort for the relationship for work. It’s a lot of work but it’s happy work. We’re happy to do it. It’s a choice,” she said. 

After getting married in 2016, Gee-ann shared why they have never had any issues about jealousy in their relationship. 

“I’m very happy with Mickey, he never made me feel jealous. I think it’s normal though that when your partner works in showbiz, they say the temptations are left and right. But with Mickey, I’ve always been confident in him,” she revealed. 

Currently a dance choreographer at ABS-CBN, Mickey said he is lucky to have a very understanding wife. 

“I think that’s one of the things I appreciate about Gee-ann, up to now even though we’re two years married and 11 years together, she’s still very sweet. Like she came to the MNL 48 grand finals to support me even though she has a baby. Actually bawal siya pero pumunta pa rin siya. She wasn’t inside the studio, she was outside in the office also to support and to wait. 

“I would not want to change her and why should I because she’s so sweet and she’s always there for me. Siya yung pinaka-biggest supporter ko. I think that’s why even though ang daming temptation na around, I actually don’t see them because I only have eyes for her,” he remarked.