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Miss World Manushi Chhillar reveals why she wants to get married at San Agustin church

Miss World Manushi Chhillar visits the country for the first time this year.


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5/6/2018 10:24 AM
Miss World Manushi Chhillar reveals why she wants to get married at San Agustin church

Photo credit: @manushi_chhillar IG


After winning the Miss World crown in China last November, Manushi Chhillar said she is happy to finally be able to visit the Philippines for the very first time this month. “Ever since I’ve been a contestant on Miss World, I got so much love from Filipinos and I know that you all are a part of our journey throughout and a big, big thank you to all of you. I’m very happy that I’m coming back again,” she shared.


As reigning Miss World, Manushi flew in to show support for the Mr. World press conference where it was announced that Manila would be hosting the all-male pageant next year. “I think it’s incredible that [the Philippines] is hosting Mr. World because I know that the one month I was there at the Miss World competition was the best month of my life. And everyone usually tells me that that one night changed my life but what changed my life even more was the one month when I was traveling with 120 countries, 120 beautiful girls and that is the essence of Miss World,” she said.


For the Mr. World competition, Manushi is hopeful that she will be able to return to Manila in January 2019 for the festivities. “I’m pretty excited because I’ll be on the other side of the competition this time and I won’t be on stage competing but watching the competition and it’s great to see just how that one month in the competition changed me as a person. It would be nice to see more than a 100 young people going through that same metamorphosis that I did. It would be nice to see someone making their country proud, going through that whole process. And of course I get that opportunity to come to the Philippines and I hope I am able to sneak out and go to the islands as well (laughs),” she shared.


During her visit earlier this month, Manushi was able to see some of the sights in Metro Manila including one special place. “I got to go on a little sightseeing tour. I bought a capiz lantern and I went to the San Agustin church. I want to get married there. It’s beautiful. I got to experience a lot of good things. Unfortunately, I’m vegetarian so the only Pinoy dish that I could try was pansit but I think the last two days that I’ve been here in Manila have been incredible,” she said.


The 20-year-old medical student explained why she wants to get married at San Agustin Church someday. “Well 450 years of a legacy of love is the first thing and I hope to get a slot longer than one hour because they told me it’s very difficult to get more than one hour there. But I’m going to make sure the groom is on time and I’m going to make sure everything happens according to the way I planned it. I’m not a Christian though I really want to get married in that church. It’s beautiful, it’s old, It’s Spanish, traditional, and I think it’s like a dream place to be in. I can get married the way I want,” she added.


After her reign, Manushi said she would be open to joining showbiz if given the right offer. “I think it’s quite exciting, the whole industry and it’s very new to me so I’m still in the process of learning about it. Maybe yes because I have been a part of the industry as well now and they have accepted me with open arms. I’ve received a lot of love from them. So yes, maybe in the coming years I might think of showbiz,” she admitted