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Mr. World winner Rojhit Khandelwal on returning to Manila: ‘It always feels like it’s my own country’

Reigning Mr. World Rojhit Khandelwal is happy that the Philippines will be hosting Mr. World in 2019.


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5/5/2018 11:10 AM
Mr. World winner Rojhit Khandelwal on returning to Manila: ‘It always feels like it’s my own country’

PHOTO CREDIT: @rohit_khandelwal77 IG


During the official announcement that the Philippines would be hosting the next Mr. World pageant happening in January 2019, the reigning winner Rohjit Khandelwal flew in along with the reigning Miss World Manushi Chhilar. Rohjit won the title in the biennial pageant in 2016. “This is my third visit to Manila and I’m really honored to be here. It always feels like it’s my own country to be honest. I’ve liked all Philippine dishes since the time I first came. I’ve been reigning the longest as Mr. World and you can see from my smile I’m very happy to be here. The Mr. World happening in the Philippines is going to be the biggest in history so I’m looking forward to coming here again and again. I’m really excited. I also think I have a strong connection to the Philippine people because every time I come, I make some friends here,” he shared during the Mr. World presscon held at Resorts World Manila last May 2.


Holding the Mr. World in Manila next year also means Rohjit will get the chance to return again to the country. “I am personally very excited because I get another opportunity to come to the Philippines and visit places and eat more food. Besides I think even the competition is going to be the biggest ever and if not everybody knows this is going to be almost my third year reigning as Mr. World so the dates have been extended. It’s going to be in January (2019) so I am very happy and looking forward to being here,” he said.


Rohjit said he has seen some parts of the country but he still wants to explore the areas outside Metro Manila. “Every visit that I had in the Philippines was for a purpose. The first time, we visited the Philippine hospital for kids and we went to the Smokey Mountain where we raised funds and tried to improve the condition of a lot of people. So Mr. World is not just a title for a beauty pageant but I think it makes you a better human being. It is the most important. I’m very fond of beaches in the Philippines. I’m looking forward to go for a solo trip. That’s what I’ve been thinking about. There are many beautiful beaches over here and the food in the Philippines. I’m already very fond of halo-halo and there’s so many different dishes. Besides that, the people here are really friendly and I think a week is not enough to visit places in the Philippines,” he said.


The current Mr. World who is also an actor and model in India also wanted to encourage Pinoy men to join the pageant this year. “I think it’s very important for the men to go join beauty pageants because I think they have a lot of potential and going across the world helping other people. It’s going to be a wonderful experience so I think you guys should definitely come and participate. Filipinos definitely have a lot in them that they can offer to the world,” he added.


Apart from acting, Rohjit said he is looking to expand his experiences outside his comfort zone. “It’s wonderful. I think the place I belong to in Bombay is very famous for the Bollywood career and I’ve always been acting even before Mr. World. I was doing a television show and I’ve been born in a family where I learned drama a lot. So the acting career is definitely there but I’m looking forward to a lot of other opportunities because I believe every part of our age in our life we want to do something which is different. So there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to doing,” he explained.