Why does Anne Curtis consider Marian Rivera her ‘#peg’?



5/31/2018 11:37 AM
Why does Anne Curtis consider Marian Rivera her ‘#peg’?


“It’s such an exciting stage of my life!” Anne Curtis is still on a high as a newlywed. It’s been just a little over six months since she and husband Erwan Heusaff tied the knot in New Zealand.

Even so, there have been people who have been already asking about the couple’s plans to have kids. “Ang dami na ngang nag-aantay! Gusto na daw nilang makakita ng little Erwan and little Anne,” she said. “Lagi ko namang sinasabi, darating din ‘yan sa tamang panahon.”

PUSH caught up with Anne during the Ajinomoto Big Day. Anne recently joined the Ajinomoto family and is endorsing the Pork Savor and Chicken Savor variants. “Sayang nga wala si Liza today,” commented Anne, referring to co-endorser Liza Soberano who was not able to be there during the event but was able to send a video message. Joining Anne onstage was Marian Rivera, herself a long-time ambassador of the brand.

While Anne is still a newlywed, Marian has already settled down for some years. She has been happily married to Dingdong Dantes since 2014, and is also a hands-on mom to two-year-old Zia. Marian is homemaker extraordinaire. She feels at home in the kitchen, and is known to whip up delicious dishes for her family.

“Marian is someone that we can all look up to in terms of her cooking,” shared Anne. “Ang galing na niya! She was talking about how she cooks for her family, for her daughter. Nakakatuwa. #peg!”

Though they hail from different networks, Anne said that it’s a breeze working with Marian and they are able to chat about a lot of things, work included. “I have a movie with Dingdong at the moment, so nag-usap kami that she’ll be at the premiere night.”

Both actresses are active in their own showbiz careers, yet still manage to achieve that work-life balance. Anne’s advice? “Stay passionate with everything that you do. ‘Pag nararamdaman mo na medyo hindi ka na masaya sa ginagawa mo, magbakasyon ka.”