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Teresita Marquez shares her secret to having a beauty queen figure

Teresita Marquez talks about the biggest challenge to being a Reina Hispanoamericana title holder.


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5/27/2018 9:32 AM
Teresita Marquez shares her secret to having a beauty queen figure

Photo credit to @teresitassen IG


In her first big screen project since winning the Reina Hispanoamericana crown last year, Teresita “Winwyn” Marquez gets paired up with Vhong Navarro in the upcoming Regal Entertainment film Unli Life. But whether its for showbiz or pageant engagements, Teresita shared why it’s always a challenge to to be a beauty queen. “I don’t really go out na nakaayos, naka super makeup. What’s nice is that people are open-minded now so sa kanila ang beauty queen ngayon kailangan yung ma-reach nila. Ang pinakamahirap lang talaga I think is you really have to watch what you say because it can be misinterpreted. Yung kung paano ka magsalita, kung ano yung mga opinion mo sa mga bagay bagay. Kailangan isipin mo talaga bago ka magsalita kasi ayaw mo makasagasa ng kahit sino. But all in all, being poised, being all made up, I think it’s really different now. Kasi hindi na puwede na basta basta lang kenkoy or anything like that. Yun yung challenging part. I really have to think or know my opinions na maayos talaga,” she shared.


As a popular figure, Teresita said she tries to be updated with the news and current events mostly via the internet. “The problem is, thanks to social media, I don’t really watch TV nowadays. Lagi akong tulog kasi I always come from work. Buti na lang there’s Twitter na nag-u-update kung ano nangyayari. Dun ako nakaka-update sa mga bagay bagay.,” she said.


Teresita said that even with her busy schedule, she makes sure to keep in shape. “I just really am disciplined with what I do. I’m very active. so I eat whatever I want to eat. I go to the gym as much as I can or if I can I work out at home. Siguro puwede mo namang kainin kahit anong gusto basta moderate lang and if you want to have a strict diet, talk to your trainer kasi minsan may mga tao na mag-da-diet na lang bigla na hindi naman bagay sa katawan nila kasi we have different types of bodies so I suggest you go to a professional to ask para matulungan ka din. Tapos at the same time discipline lang. Before I used to work out everyday. Ngayon basta maka-once or twice a week ako kasi I do workouts at home eh. Siyempre kahit nakahiga ka lang you can do sit-ups, you can do squats. If you’re not doing anything then do that. Kailangan isingit mo lang,” she added.