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REVIEW: Five big reasons why you should watch the movie ‘So Connected’

Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake learn that love isn’t always about instant connection.


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5/23/2018 10:38 AM
REVIEW: Five big reasons why you should watch the movie ‘So Connected’

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In Regal Films’ latest romance So Connected, Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake get paired up for the very first time in a love story that that proves that connecting to the right person is never about about instant attraction. Here are five reasons why this movie is a must-see.


1. It’s set in Pampanga

With a majority of local Pinoy films focused on Metro Manila, it’s a refreshing change to see a province highlighted onscreen with a bit of the local dialect thrown in as well. It’s a known fact that So Connected director Jason Paul Laxamana—who is a Kapampangan—has always been vocal about wanting to promote his province and has even spearheaded the CineKabalen Kapampangan Film Festival which aims to motivate Kapampangans to get into digital filmmaking.


2. It deals with cyber-bullying

In the film, both Jameson and Janella’s characters have chosen to swear off social media after being the subject of equally embarrassing viral videos that made them the target of bashers online. The movie shows that what we see online is not always the full story and the people who get bullied also have feelings. It shows how twisted the reaction to viral videos can be and how mob mentality can hurt and destroy someone’s reputation. 


3. It’s more than just a love story

So Connected talks about issues everyone has faced at one point or another in their lives. Feelings of loneliness, abandonment, heartache, and love are universal and only makes the movie’s characters even more relatable with each scene. Janella’s character Tricia is outspoken, bubbly, independent, and transparent, while Jameson’s character Carter is the exact opposite.



4. Jameson Blake is the new heartthrob to watch

This guy has definitely come a long way since joining Pinoy Big Brother three years ago and after his experience in previous films like 2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten, Haunted Forest, and Mama’s Girl, it looks like Jameson is ready to take the leading man role for a change. The 20-year-old heartthrob felt quite at home with his role since he was born in Pampanga which is the setting of the film. Just like his role Carter, Jameson admitted he is also an introvert which made his acting natural to watch. 


5. Technology is power

The movie’s premise suggests that with the right app downloaded on your phone, you can literally view someone’s life like a virtual photo album as long as you have access to his or her account. Carter starts falling for Tricia when he sees how she views life through photos and videos, proving love doesn’t have to be in person for it to become real eventually.