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EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz reveals who is the best student among the Hashtags: ‘He’s the perfect example’

Mickey Perz shares his goal for popular all-male dance group Hashtags.


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5/2/2018 9:26 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz reveals who is the best student among the Hashtags: ‘He’s the perfect example’

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After sharing in a recent interview about how he implemented rules on punctuality while training members of the all-male dance group Hashtags on It’s Showtime, Mickey Perz said he also tries to give them advice when it comes to keeping their bodies and minds healthy as well. “I tell them, ‘Your body is your vessel. Kayo bilang dancer you have to have a certain image. Yung Hashtags supposedly mabait sila, gentlemen, good-looking at mabango. So if you want to have that, you have to take care of your own body. It doesn’t make sense that you do anything else and you destroy your body if that’s your source of income.’ Parang ganun siya, so at the end of the day we try to guide them also properly. That’s also what I appreciate about them. Very conscious sila sa katawan nila about what they should eat, about not drinking too much, don’t party too much. So that’s a good thing about them,” he shared.

His strict rules include a one-week suspension every time someone is late for rehearsals on the day of performances. “That’s what I wanted to show them kasi when Showtime hired me, I always want to make sure that when someone hires me, it’s worth it. Hindi lang basta binabayaran kasi if it’s about money I could do something else. Pero I want to give them whatever they are paying me or whatever they believed in me and gave me that trust. I tell them, ‘You have to understand and be patient with me to change it para mas gumaling kayo kasi parang yung reputation ng Hashtags dati is kung sabay sabay sila (gumalaw), hindi Hashtags yun. Kung hindi sila sabay sabay Hashtags sila. They are not really sabay sabay daw. So it was a lot of hard work sa umpisa kasi you have to break the mold of Hashtags batch one sa kinasanayan nila so I think a lot of them were not so happy (about it),” he explained.

Out of all the members of the group, Mickey shared whom he thinks was the best example of the group. “Unfortunately ang pinaka-perfect student is the one that passed away. Si Franco (Hernandez) kasi dati magaling na siya na dancer. He had a lot of commercials, he went with Philippine Allstars to the World Championships, ang dami na niyang nagawa. Now being Franco and he entered the group, Franco is katumbas ni Zeus (Collins), pero si Franco kahit anong rehearsals he always gives his best. Yung mga sumasayaw or yung mga hindi marunong, he tries to help them. Parang sinasabi niya, ‘We have to be good bro!’ And to think that he’s already the best dancer. He never took it for granted and that’s the perfect example of being humble and he’s the perfect example of being a team player na gusto niya lahat umangat. And to think na sobrang bait niya. Siya actually yung A student ko sa lahat. Siya yung para sa akin, it was good kasi yung energy niya, yung pagkakulit niya, yung pag-push niya, he was very eager about everything so sayang that he passed away,” he admitted.