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LOOK: PBB ex-housemate Gee-ann Abrahan’s maternity photo shoot



05/15/2018 12:24 AM


Former Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Gee-ann Abrahan just uploaded on her Instagram pictures from her maternity photo shoot.

The wife of choreographer Mickey Perz, also shared how she felt losing her first child and how pregnancy has made her realize she has to love herself more.

“Like a lot of women I feared the changes in the body caused by pregnancy and childbirth. But it was when I miscarried that I felt the ugliest. So empty and worthless. My body had betrayed me and I betrayed humanity because I couldn’t fulfill my biological purpose.

“On the road to recovery my family and friends, most especially my husband, reminded me that my life is already complete and rich in love. That I already have a family. That my childbearing failure didn’t make me less of a woman. Or less human. Because in life I have a choice to make everyday. I must learn to love myself, which means loving my body even when it failed to do and look like what I wanted. Because there is something so much bigger than my ability or inability to reproduce. Bigger than my own life. Everyday I choose love,” she captioned one of her one of her photos.

Check out her photo shoot done by Icebox Imaging