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Push Pins: Mother knows best

Push lists down the eight showbiz moms who are quite entrenched in their children's careers and personal lives.

Push Pins: Mother knows best-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


05/14/2018 09:30 AM
Push Pins: Mother knows best



“When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your universe. You relinquish that role to your children.”

These moms may be celebrities in their own right, but everything else takes a back seat to their role as mothers. They may have different ways of parenting and different ways of showing their love, but in everything they do, their children’s best are definitely top of mind.


Min Bernardo


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The mother-daughter tandem of Mommy Min and Kathryn Bernardo is a typical sight during tapings and other showbiz gigs. Mommy Min supports her youngest daughter fully. “She told me, even when I was a kid until now, that I should always give my 100% best,” Kathryn shares. Mommy Min is Kathryn Bernardo’s person. To other teens, Kathryn advises, “Be open to your mom. Kasi pag nagtatago ka, for sure, nararamdaman niya 'yan. Dati nahihiya akong mag-open up, but now feeling ko safe ako and hindi niya ako ija-judge."

The two are so close, in fact, that Mommy Min has the inside story even on her relationship with her daughter’s on screen partner Daniel Padilla. “Mature na silang dalawa. Sa akin, it doesn't matter kung 18, less than 18, more than 18, as long as lumugar ka. Hindi naman na-ge-gauge ‘yun kung matanda o bata kung kayo na, ‘yung ganun. Okay naman sila. Lalo na kung nag-ma-mature mas okay di ba kesa kung mas bata bata,” says Mommy Min.


Karla Estrada


A single mom to her kids, Karla is determined to be a good model to her children, especially in terms of dealing with life’s challenges. “Hindi ako dramatic. Hindi ko tiningnan ang buhay na malungkot. Kasi kung malulungkot pa ako eh paano na kami,” she shares. “Kailangan maging matapang ako at matatag.”

In a calm manner, she taught her kids by example. A fitting testimonial to her motherhood is said best by her son, Daniel Padilla, in his Mother’s Day promise to her on Magandang Buhay. “Hindi lang mabuti, magiging malulupit kaming mga anak. Kami ni Carlito handa kami ngayon dahil sa mga natutunan namin sa iyo. Now, siyempre lumalaki na rin kami. Ang pina-promise naming dalawa ay marami kaming mai-inspire at matutulungan, at siguro mga matuturuan at kami rin mismo ay matuturuan din kami. Ganoon kaming lalaki, Ma. Huwag kang mag-alala sa amin, steady lang kami


Divine Geronimo


"Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles." Happy Mother's Day to these amazing women! 💗 You don't know me personally, but I just want to say thank you because you gave us and share with us these equally beautiful and talented ladies. 😊 Without you, I won't be fangirling over these gorgeous ladies. 😍 Hahahaha. 😂 And Happy Mother's day to other super moms in the world! 😘 #HappyMothersDay #MothersDay #Mom #Mother #Mommy #Mama #MotherAndDaughter #ViceGanda #SarahGeronimo #MommyDivine #Karylle #ToniGonzaga #AlexGonzaga #LeaSalonga #DawnZulueta #RiaAtayde #Pokwang #JennetteMcCurdy #ChristinaAguilera #BritannySnow #ScarlettSnowBelo [2/12]

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Sarah G’s mom, Mommy Divine, has often been critiqued as being too involved in her daughter’s career to the point of overprotectiveness. But what is controlling for some, is simple protectiveness from her end. In an interview, Mommy Divine says that “nakikita kong iba siya sa mga kaedad niya na talagang exposed, na alam na nila kung paano paikot-ikot, kung paano sumuong sa ganoong relasyon at kung paano lumabas. 'Yong anak ko, hindi eh." Her daughter is her priority, after all, and her welfare is something she was not willing to leave up to chance.

Now that Sarah has grown up and has just celebrated 15 years in the business, Mommy Divine has eased up on the reins. Her guidance and input is always welcome, though, assures Sarah. “Siya yung No. 1 ano ko, nagki-critique sa akin, nagre-remind sa akin na, 'O, Sarah, alagaan mo yung career mo, yung boses mo. Yung mga supporters mo, huwag mo sila pababayaan.”


Pinty Gonzaga


With her daughters Toni and Alex both busy in their showbiz careers, Mommy Pinty has to be on top of things. Ever the hands-on mom, she keeps her girls grounded. “When we were growing up, she was fun, but I think pang fifth characteristic niya ‘yon,” reveals Toni. “Number one: strict, strict, strict, disciplinarian, and then fun.”

Mommy Pinty ran a tight ship, which was something that the two appreciated in the long run. “I observed this while growing up, no matter what happens in her life, when she makes a decision, she makes sure that we are her top priority.” Now that she’s a mother, Toni sees the value of her mom’s parenting even more. “If I could be half the mother she is to my kid, Seve would be so lucky.”


Kris Aquino


Kris may be all about “love,love,love”, but when it comes to her kids, she can be quite fierce indeed. Her eldest son, Josh, has autism and has been subjected to hurtful words before. A netizen brought up the idea of Kris being a spokesperson for those with the same concern, to which she graciously declines, for the sake of her sons. “That decision doesn’t just affect me but affects my 2 sons- do they deserve further bullying?

While she has allowed her youngest son, Bimby, some amount of exposure to media, she remains protective of how he is treated. "Kailan ba ko naglalabas ng galit? Kapag mga anak ko na ang ginagamit at pinagmumukhang may mali sa kin bilang ina. Karangalan kong sampal-sampalin ng mga salita sa ngalan ng pakikipaglaban para sa mga anak ko," Kris said. "Dahil sabihin nyo na ang lahat BUT MY SONS ARE LIVING PROOF that they are being raised with the love of a warrior queen."


Jenine Desiderio


Jenine has been getting a mix of reactions from netizens, especially when it came to her parenting style towards her daughter, 19-year old Janella Salvador. Others think she may have been too harsh on her daughter, especially after lecturing her on social media. To that, Jenine replied: “Do you actually think that the happiness of my kids don’t matter to me? Ayan na naman ‘yung judgements niyo e…Hindi niyo nga alam totoong nangyayari eh.

While Janella was said to have moved out of their home, she prefers not to divulge anything more. “Sana people talking about it will just respect my privacy,” requests Janella. Prior to their rift, mother and daughter were often seen together. Jenine appeared quite supportive of Janella’s career. At the end of the day, both still hope to reconcile and regain their relationship. Whether or not people agree with how she’s going about things, Jenine maintains that she only has her daughter’s welfare in mind. “Lahat ng magulang gusto mapunta ang anak nila sa makakabuti sa kanila,” she tweeted.


Sharon Cuneta


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Sharon may be the Megastar, but she is simply “mom” to her children. Late last year, her eldest, KC, received her diploma from the University of Paris, 10 years after she graduated. Proud momma that she was, Sharon shared the moment to everyone, saying: "I love you, my baby! Thank you from the bottom of your loving mama’s heart.”

As KC grew older, the dynamic between mother and daughter has eased into a more friendly banter. When KC posted a daring photo in Instagram, Sharon gamely replied with a throwback video to her younger days, captioned with: “HAH!!! Cassandra Concepcion ayan naka-wig at swimsuit habang binabasa sa loob ng napakalamig na studio sa ABS-CBN! Inunahan mo ako Kristina sa pose kong walang swimsuit! Next time I will wear only make-up and perfume. Iniisip ko pa kung maglalagay ako ng scarf sa leeg para naman di totally walang tela. Hahaha!


Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi


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Carmina started acting at a young age, and understands the pros and cons of it. Her twins, Mavy and Cassy, are no strangers to the world of showbiz as well. In fact, they have been in the public eye for as long as they could remember, mostly through their endorsements, TVCs and brief guestings. Surprisingly, both remain grounded and have managed to maintain a healthy private life, thanks to their parents. Carmina shares that both she and Zoren are open to their kids joining the industry, but for now, that possibility has to take a back seat to their studies.

Pag-aaral muna,” says Carmina. “That’s one thing na hindi ko nagawa. Hindi ako nakatapos ng college. Alam ng mga bata ‘yun, priority. Sa ngayon naman, in-enjoy naman nila ‘yung commercials. Maybe when they’re a little bit older. Basta tapusin na muna nila ‘yung college. Mas okay na ‘yung slowly but surely.”


Annabelle Rama


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Known for being a colorful character due to her fearlessness and bluntness, Annabelle Rama also serves as a manager for her six children, three of which are active in the business.

While she never confessed to being a stage mother, Annabelle is obviously one with the way she defends and often outwardly gives unsolicited advice to her kids especially for her unica hija Ruffa Gutierrez.

The two had a major rift in 2015 and Ruffa’s siblings said they are used to their mom and ate’s bickering. Eddie Gutierrez, the patriarch of the showbiz family even has this to say on their constant disagreements, "Pareho silang tama, gusto lang ni Annabelle bilang nanay ang the best para sa mga anak niya at si Ruffa naman, nasa edad na to choose her own life."

However, despite their misunderstandings, Anabelle admittedly said in one of her interviews that she can’t bear losing any of their children, especially Ruffa.

As a mother kasi, doon mo mare-realize na maski hate na hate mo siya at lagi kayong nag-aaway, mare-realize mo na kapag nawala pala siya, iba ang feeling mo,” she said.

Annabelle continued, “Kasi for me tanggap ko na mawala na siya pero iba pala ang feeling kapag ‘yung actual na. Kaya nafe-feel ko ‘yun as a mother na mahirap mawalan ng anak, parang ganon eh.”