EXO or BTS? Kriesha Tiu weighs in

Is she an EXO-L or is she part of the BTS ARMY?



5/14/2018 10:21 AM
EXO or BTS? Kriesha Tiu weighs in

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During her contract signing with Star Music, PUSH  put K-Pop star 6 second placer Kriesha Tiu on the hot seat after asking her to choose between two of the biggest all-male K-Pop groups today - EXO and BTS.  

While it seemed like an easy question to answer, the newest Kapamilya music artist had a hard time deciding who she would pick as she finds both groups awesome in their own ways. 

"I definitely believe that both groups are very, very talented. But basically, I would choose BTS. I look up to them as like how passionate they are about their music. I would really want to be as passionate as them. And they're very, very successful. I really, really look up to them," she said, admitting that she's a fan of BTS. 

Kriesha Tiu recently signed with Star Music and is expected to release songs under Tarsier Records soon.