These 7 celebrity moms faced tough challenges and won

Be inspired with these tales of motherhood.

These 7 celebrity moms faced tough challenges and won-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
Gary Ann Lastrilla

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05/13/2018 11:32 AM
These 7 celebrity moms faced tough challenges and won
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In line with the upcoming Mother’s Day, PUSH pays tribute to celebrity moms who overcame a lot of challenges to raise their kids.

Karla Estrada

Always supportive and protective of her loved ones, Queen Mother Karla Estrada has four kids she loves so dearly: sons Teen King Daniel Padilla and singer Jose Carlito and daughters Carmela and Margaret.

Although her kids were born to different fathers, Karla, who is a solo parent, managed to raise them well despite the challenges she has had to face.


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Saab Magalona

First-time mom Saab faced a very painful loss early on in her motherhood journey. She gave birth to twins—a boy and a girl but sadly, her daughter passed away soon after she was born. Her son, on the other hand, was confined in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for some time and needed surgery before he was finally well enough to go home from the hospital.



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Claudine Barretto

A single mom, Claudine Barretto has three children—Santino, her son with ex-husband Raymart Santiago, and her two adoptive daughters Sabina and Quia.

Claudine has always been vocal of her love for her kids. She is always willing to defend them and does not hesitate in expressing how proud she is of the three.


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Sunshine Dizon 

Sunshine Dizon’s marriage was embroiled in a controversy after her husband reportedly cheated on her. Still, Sunshine chose to set their issues aside for the sake of their two kids.

“To finally set the record straight. Timothy is and will always be the father of my children. It is his right, duty and obligation to be there for his children no matter what the circumstances may be. I cannot put a label on our status but what I’m sure of is that by law and more importantly God’s law I am still his wife. Only time can tell and ultimately God if we are still meant to be together,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Together, they have two adorable kids Doreen and Anton.


To finally set the record straight. Timothy is and will always be the father of my children. It is his right, duty and obligation to be there for his children no matter what the circumstances may be. I cannot put a label on our status but what i’m sure of is that by law and more importantly God’s law i am still his wife. Only time can tell and ultimately God if we are still meant to be together. I have read different opinions but one thing is for sure to those who say things as if marriage is nothing. You are probably not married and do not value family. let me just remind you that you are not the mother of two beautiful kids still hoping and praying for our family to be complete and stay that way. As Chinadoll would say it “For her nightmares to end and the evil witch be banished forever so our lives can go back to how it was before”. You are probably thinking why and how can i still be this way towards their father. Simple, Tim is still a good father in their eyes. He is a hands on father. He drives them to school, helps them with school work, their playmate etc. Tim is far from perfect but at least he tries,unlike some. No one will know and understand the sacrifices i make unless you’ve been in my shoes. Do not be quick to judge you do not know the whole story. Family is worth fighting for. Timothy is love of my life. He will always be,but he broke my heart and i have also learned to survive. Pain is a good teacher. Pain will help you discover your inner strength if you allow it to empower you and not wallow in your despair. I am sharing my thoughts and our pictures with you in the hopes of inspiring my fellow Mother’s who are going through a similar situation and show you that it is possible to set aside your differences. That you have the power to choose to raise your children in a loving environment. And lastly to show you, yes YOU!(and the likes of you) the family you chose to ruin,innocent beautiful kids you deliberately inflicted pain upon. YOU who was fully aware of your actions and could’ve said NO to a married man. YOU better take a good hard look because this is the family you never had and will never ever have.

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Wendy Valdez

Former Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate Wendy Valdez’s son Seth underwent a spine operation when he was just an infant. Still, Wendy kept her faith in God and believed in His miracles. True enough, her son is now a healthy and a happy toddler.


Ayaw Tumawa Sa Pictorial Napakadaling patawanin ni Seth on a regular day. Ang hindi namin maintindihan, ay kung kailan photoshoot, ay saka naman ayaw nya talagang tumawa. Ginawa na namin lahat. Toys, making faces, laughing, calling him, and all that stuff. As in lahat! Ayaw! We were about to give up, kasi last lay out na wala pa din kahit isang smile si Seth. We thought, ok lang, at least may photos sya. Until that moment, when my sister got the feather duster on the set design, and I told her, just for laughs; "Sissy kainin mo na yan!!!" As if saying; " Do whatever it takes to make Seth laugh!" Just like an old comedy skit, where people would eat anything just to entertain people. We cracked so hard at the idea, while my sister really did make it seem like she was eating the feather duster. While laughing so hard, lo and behold, Seth started laughing with us. And he wasn't just smiling. He was laughing non stop, that we were all surprised! Kuya Stephen of Nice print said let's redo some layouts, now that he is finally laughing. So we did, and we did get shots na tumatawa si Seth. To conclude, we realized many things, and I want to share them to moms planning for first time pictorials for their babies. 1. Babies are easily distracted with colors. The more set design, and stuff you show them, the less focus they are. Thus, more difficult to make them laugh. 2. More people trying to make him laugh, more confused and distracted he gets. One person is enough. 3. No sleep, means no smiling. We had to put Seth to sleep for a few minutes before we rolled. He got tired after seeing many things in the studio. 4. Babies need to get relaxed and familiar with the place first. His initial reaction was to explore the new surrounding. Thus, his priority was not to smile. 5. The more we try harder, the more he stares blankly. Don't try too hard. 6. Really need a patient photographer for the job. Grateful for kuya Stephen of Nice Print who is dedicated with his job. 7. Really enjoy ourselves, and not just make it a goal to make him smile for the camera. When Seth felt that we are just genuinely happy, that's when he started all the chuckles. Continued in COMMENTS

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Pokwang lost her son Shin to brain cancer when he was just five years old. In an interview on Tapatan ni Tunying in 2014, the comedienne opened up about the pain of losing a child.

"Nung namatay 'yung una kong lalaki, wala ako sa tabi niya eh. Nasa ibang bansa ako noon. Dapat nandoon ako, dadamayan ko siya," she said. 

Pokwang also struggled to raise her daughter Mae singlehandedly.

But God is good. Today, the actress found the love of her life in the person of actor Lee O'Brian and together, they have a baby girl named Malia. 



Jackie Forster

Motherhood proved to be a challenge to Jackie Forster. First, she was estranged from her kids Andre and Kobe Paras, and then her little daughter Caleigh battled leukemia. 

Yet, she remained steadfast and loving to her six children.

Fortunately, things have paid off as after many years of being apart, Jackie recently reunited with Andre and Kobe. Likewise, Caleigh is now a happy and healthy kid. 



When you have little pieces of you walking around on earth, all you can do that makes the biggest difference is to pray for them. When your heart beats in tune with your prayer their Homing Device will activate, eventually they come home. This is all that matters now, that we are together again ❤️ no matter what anyone says @_kokoparas will always be mamas hero 💪 Thank you to kuya @andreparas for taking good care of him while mama was away. God is sooooo good! I told you all - #prayerswork I ask for everyone to please respect their privacy now, we have shared so much of our personal lives with everyone and we want to take this time to heal and bond. No more bashing please. We lift you all up in prayers and speak blessing upon you all. The boys and I do not want to dwell on the past. We will not speak on behalf of people outside of our relationship. That’s not our place. On behalf of my two sons I want to thank those of you who prayed for us and with us! God bless your hearts a million folds!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ J.A.C.K.Y

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