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Bimby Aquino-Yap on bashers: ‘They can’t hurt me as much as he hurt me’

Kris Aquino’s youngest son opens up about the bashing he receives online.



5/1/2018 7:01 PM
Bimby Aquino-Yap on bashers: ‘They can’t hurt me as much as he hurt me’


In Kris Aquino’s latest webisode “Unscripted with Kris and Bimby,” the tables were turned and her son Bimby Yap got to ask her intriguing questions.

At one point, the Queen of Social Media explained that a guy having a relationship with her is “like having a relationship with the entire Philippines. Bimby clapped and said,  “Yay! That means you will never have a boyfriend!”

After their fun banter, the last part of the webisode went a bit serious when Kris got to ask her son a question.

“So let’s close it with your mother asking you. No, I wanna know, what did I do right?” Kris told Bimby.

“Everything,” he said and Kris told him, “How is it that you turned out not spoiled? You turned nice to people, you turned out polite, and why is it that…” Before ending her question Bimby said, “Because all the trauma, you told me, ‘Bimb don’t give up.’”

What touched the hearts of the netizens was Bimby’s last statement wherein he explained why he isn’t bothered by bashers anymore.

“How come when I get affected by bashers and I get affected by the negativity, why are you able to tell me, ‘Mama, why do you care?’” Kris asked.

“Yeah, because I don’t care,” he quipped.

“Where does that come from?” Kris said.

“Because you know who manipulated me and the most affective basher. I channeled all of it out on him. So I don’t really care anymore about those others because I know they can’t hurt me as much as he hurt me.”

To her surprise, Kris said, “I don’t know if I should have asked that but I did. And you got an answer.”

This interview follows an incident a couple of weeks ago, where Kris made an outburst on her social media accounts regarding her ex-husband James Yap's birthday greeting for Bimby, who said he will always be there for him.

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In another post, Kris openly asked James where he was when their son was bullied by a former TV personality.

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Watch Kris and Bimby’s one-on-one interview in full below: