Why is Kim Atienza no longer seen on ‘It’s Showtime’?

Ano kaya ang dahilan? Kuya Kim answers.

Why is Kim Atienza no longer seen on ‘It’s Showtime’?-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


04/05/2018 11:49 AM
Why is Kim Atienza no longer seen on ‘It’s Showtime’?


Many fans have been curious as to why Kim Atienza is no longer seen on It’s Showtime since 2016. Kuya Kim remarked that his departure from the noontime show was prompted by his desire to strengthen his brand as a “knowledge expert.” 

“I left Showtime because I want to work on the equity that makes me strong as Kuya Kim and I'm Kuya Kim because the brand is Kuya Kim who gives trivia, Kuya Kim na pumalit kay Ernie Baron, the ‘Trivia King’ and I would like to focus on that,” he said in an interview with the press at the “Pinoy Komiks Heroes Battle” app launching powered by ABS-CBN and Xeleb Technologies.

He added that it allowed him to enhance his two other shows in the Kapamilya network. “If you noticed naman after I left Showtime my segment in TV Patrol is much stronger, I was able to put in more effort. And [with] Matanglawin I am able to travel now, nakapunta ako kay Whang Od (Kalinga tattoo artist). Ang tagal ko ng hindi nakaka-travel for Matanglawin eh. Those shows strengthened Kuya Kim as the knowledge expert and as a brand,” he stated.

Kuya Kim stressed that if It’s Showtime will be needing him again, he would always be happy to come back. “Showtime is just there. It’s not naman forever kumbaga hindi naman ako nagpaalam. Anytime I'll be needed, nandiyan lang ako,” he said.

He also shared that he still sees his former It’s Showtime co-hosts when time permits. “Yung Showtime kasi, si Anne and the rest, talagang ano ‘yan, they are family to me, and I still see them naman even I'm not on Showtime eh. That's my consolation na lang even I'm not there everyday,” he said.