EXCLUSIVE: Thou Reyes defends “Bagani” from critics

The talented actor shares a message for those who can only find fault in the epic fantaserye.


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4/30/2018 9:30 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Thou Reyes defends “Bagani” from critics


Currently playing the role of pirate Tong-tong in the hit primetime series Bagani, Thou Reyes said he feels blessed to be part of the popular fantasy series. The character actor shared his reaction to those who have been questioning the show’s depiction of some of its characters. 

“They should realize how hard it is to put up a show like that. The people behind it, all the production crew, the directors, the assistant directors, the utilities, everything. They should really realize na hindi ganun kadali gawin yung isang ganung kagandang show. And pag may mga konting pagkakamali man, our industry is not yet perfect but we are really pushing it. 

Kung kami as actors pagod, ano pa kaya yung mga tao behind the camera? Kasi kami pagka-pack-up uuwi na kami eh. But these people have post-prod meetings pa and they fix everything, editing, effects. ‘Yun yung dapat ma-realize ng tao. Madali tayo maghusga, mag-critique. Pero pag nagka-idea ka kung paano gumalaw ang isang production, dun mo ma-ri-realize na hindi pala ganun kadali,” he explained.

Thou said that even though his role has no basis in Philippine history or folklore, the effort and detail that went into their group is impressive on its own. 

“The pirates naman, pinag-isipang mabuti yan. We had three look tests for the costumes. Kasi from the auditions to the look test then another look test hanggang sa pagdating sa set hindi pa rin siya perfect so they changed it pa rin. And up until now it’s really a work in progress,” he revealed. 

Although Thou admitted that having critics can be good for the production, not everything is constructive criticism online. “And what they’re saying right now, having critics is good pero meron namang good criticism eh, yung nakakatulong sa show. Hindi ko sinasabi na huwag nang mag-bad comment, ang sinasabi ko lang, just appreciate that we’re pushing it, the audience is thinking right now which is good and binibigyan pa ng mas magandang reason for the production na i-push pa natin,” he said. 

The actor shared that every episode of the show speaks for itself in terms of trying to entertain and give a good quality product. 

Kita mo naman sa production. Punong puno sa mata ng audience yung storya ng Bagani. Punong puno per episode yung show and that’s how they do it in Hollywood. hindi sila usually nag-si-stick sa isang storya lang. So imagine mo, para gumawa ka ng ganung karaming storya at mapuno mo yung mata ng audience, that’s hard work. 

“More than the actors, it’s really the production crew, the creatives, the directors, na dapat bigyan natin ng appreciation because they’re really giving everything and still pushing it para mabigyan tayo ng magandang show. That’s not just in Bagani. We’re also doing it in The Blood Sisters and all the shows in ABS-CBN. Sa lahat ng napuntahan kong shows, they’re always going beyond naman,” he remarked.