EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz and Gee-ann Abrahan reveal they are having a baby girl

“We’ve been inseparable since Pinoy Big Brother.”

EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz and Gee-ann Abrahan reveal they are having a baby girl-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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04/30/2018 09:08 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz and Gee-ann Abrahan reveal they are having a baby girl


With all the news of break-ups and controversies in showbiz it is heart-warming to know that happy endings do come true for some couples like former Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemates-turned-real-life couple Mickey Perz and Gee-ann Abrahan. 

The two, who got married in 2016, admit they couldn’t wait to find out the gender of their baby. 

“We were actually very surprised. We were waiting so long to find out and finally we’ve found out. So we’re now on the eighth month and we had an envelope that we weren’t allowed to open. So there was only one person who knew which is the person who did the cake and she’s one of the organizers of the baby shower,” Mickey shared during the #PerzBaBy party held last April 29 in Cafe Enye in Quezon City. 

In a Moroccan-themed baby shower, which also served as their gender reveal party, the couple gave credit to their family and friends for putting everything together. 

“My sister Guinevere is the mega-planner and my mom, lahat yan. Siya talaga lahat from the cookies to the logistics. Also my closest friends, the one who I grew up with from Assumption, they came up with the idea. They were the ones who pushed us to do a reveal. We weren’t naman really planning to do it because we were itching to find out as soon as possible. So my mom and my sister and my uncle, who’s like my dad, because they wanted to invite other family and friends, they all joined to organize this,” Gee-ann related.

From a close friendship that was formed inside the PBB house more than a decade ago to starting a family together, the couple revealed they couldn’t be any happier at this point in their lives. 

“We’ve been inseparable since Pinoy Big Brother. We were the only two housemates, who were there since day one until the end. And then after that, our work was always together and then we did a business together, we became a couple, we became husband and wife. We’ve really been inseparable,” Gee-ann said. 

Now that they are expecting their baby girl to arrive sometime in late June, Gee-ann says she is happy to be in her final trimester. 

“Compared to the other pregnancy stories I hear it’s been relatively easy but I would have to say that the third trimester is the hardest. It’s just so weird because the food I didn’t eat before getting pregnant, I hated those foods before like pineapple and I don’t like sweets and sweet spaghetti but now I’m craving for sweet spaghetti. I hate beans but I eat beans now. I’m into a lot of sour stuff and cold sweet stuff like ice cream, halo-halo, and fruit shakes,” she said.

In an earlier interview with Push, Gee-ann admitted she and Mickey lost their first baby to a miscarriage during their first year of marriage which makes her current pregnancy even more special. 

“It’s a different kind of pregnancy also especially because we’re coming from the loss. All these people they were there and they’re here now because they also know how much this baby means to us,” she admitted. 

Mickey said they have agreed to have two kids maximum for now. “Kasi Gee-ann has one sister and I have one brother so I think it worked out for us kasi parang yun na yung kinasanayan namin with them. We don’t know. Some say, they want only one tapos bigla a whole football team di ba? So tingnan na lang natin kung paano siya mangyayari,” he stated.