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Wilma Doesnt: ‘I pushed myself harder and made sure na mali ang iniisip nila’



4/28/2018 1:21 PM
Wilma Doesnt: ‘I pushed myself harder and made sure na mali ang iniisip nila’


Who knew the simple chore of sweeping the yard could get you discovered? It happened to Wilma Doesnt, a model-comedienne who made her name in the ‘90s. It wasn’t an easy path, though, especially since she had to face the criticisms of those around her.

During the recent launch of Avon Fashions’ Intimate Apparels held at Manila House BGC, Wilma recalled the pain of rejection and doubt. “I was hurt. Minamaliit nila ako. Parang, ‘No, you’re black, you’re skinny, who are you?’”

Instead of being backed into a corner, she decided to make that doubt fuel her drive. “I decided it was time to show who I really was,” said Wilma. “I’m from Cavite. Negra ako, pero sabi ng lola ko, maganda ako. Okey na ‘yung isang ‘yun. That one fan was enough for me. I pushed harder. I pushed myself harder, and made sure na mali ang iniisip nila.”

Push herself, she did, and she is all the better for it. She found a niche in the modelling industry and even made it to the covers of magazines. She discovered her comedic talent and found her place in showbiz as well. Today, she busies herself with her work as CEO and President of Manila International Integrated Learning Center (MIILC), an institution that provides internship and jobs to graduates and graduating students of HRM, Tourism, Culinary Arts, and Business Management. She still indulges in the occasional showbiz stint, the latest being the Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes with Judy Ann Santos and Angelica Panganiban.

She is also a proud single mother to Asiana, Emila, and Araion. Her eldest daughter has already caught the public’s attention for her beauty. Asiana’s skin and features are so similar to Wilma’s, but thanks in part to Wilma’s tenacity to break stereotypes, her daughter no longer has to deal with the same difficulty that she did decades ago.

Wilma proves that a woman can be whoever she wants to be. Her advice? “Just love yourself. Any color, any size, any height, any smell… love it! Because if you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you, rigt? So if they know that you believe and love yourself… law of attraction lang ‘yan. And be nice!”