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SPECIAL FEATURE: Why Joshua, Jerome, McCoy, and Nash bring good news to the entertainment industry



4/28/2018 1:40 PM
SPECIAL FEATURE: Why Joshua, Jerome, McCoy, and Nash bring good news to the entertainment industry


Directors Manny Q. Palo and Andoy Ranay described Joshua Garcia, Jerome Ponce, McCoy De Leon, and Nash Aguas who were under their watch in the recently concluded stirring primetime drama The Good Son as “dedicated” and “passionate.” For them, the four young actors deserve to shine in the spotlight.

Their impressive breakout performances in the drama have all been the talk of the town, leading everyone to believe that they will soon take the cudgels to bring in a better future for the acting profession.

And, this definitely bring good news to the entertainment industry in search for real, impressive talent—an exciting sign that the new breed is leveling up and leave more audiences in awe, just like they did in their best, unforgettable scenes in the teleserye:


Joshua as a devastated Joseph after mommy Raquel dies

Before he took on his role as Joseph Reyes Buenavidez on The Good Son, Joshua Garcia started making his mark in the showbiz industry when he took several leading roles in different films last 2017. Although Joshua admitted in an interview that he felt pressured as he took his first lead role in a teleserye, he gave us a remarkable performance after all. Netizens noted “high praise” for Joshua on the show’s Facebook page.

What is considered as his best scene in the show was when he failed to save his mother Raquel (Mylene Dizon), who died after falling from the top of a lofty building after being accidentally pushed by Dado (Jeric Raval) in a scuffle. With the hashtag #TGSTragedy, this heart-breaking episode of The Good Son became the top trending topic on Twitter.

According to netizens, this episode is painful to the core that it’s something you could not bear watching all over again. A netizen noted: “This is why Joshua is the best in his generation” using the episode hashtag #TGSTragedy. Joshua’s performance brought audiences to tears, which proved to us that he is definitely one of the best actors of his generation.

Joshua also gained awards for his role in The Good Son such as Best Ensemble Acting in Gawad Tanglaw 2018, and Pinakapasadong Aktor sa Teleserye in Gawad Pasado 2018.


Jerome as Enzo pleading with Olivia to tell the truth

Famous for playing the role of Luke Andrew Lim in the 2012 daytime television drama Be Careful with My Heart, Jerome Ponce further showed his acting chops in The Good Son as Lorenzo “Enzo” Buenavidez.

His most remarkable scene was when he confronted Olivia and urged her to tell the truth that she killed Victor. This spellbinding performance proved us that he really can already level up to the best thespians in the industry.

His co-star, multi-awarded actress Eula Valdez commented, “Ang laki na ng improvement niya.” A netizen also said, “Mata pa lang uma-acting na,” impressed with Jerome’s excellent performance. Jerome expressed his gratitude in learning so much from the veteran actors he worked with, and also the rest of his co-stars.


McCoy de Leon as a frustrated Obet

Prior to landing his role on The Good Son, McCoy De Leon was known as a popular #Hashtags member. His career grew even more when he joined Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, where he won as the 6th Lucky Big Placer and his love team with Elisse Joson blossomed. His portrayal of Oliver “Obet” Reyes-Moreno in the series was his first lead role in a teleserye. Despite being new to playing a main character in a drama, McCoy turned in an exceptional performance.

McCoy’s most applauded scene was when his character Obet had a mental breakdown as he lay in a hospital bed suffering a big scar on his face that made him unable to pursue his dreams. In this scene, McCoy did not waste the spotlight that was focused on him.

Netizens hailed his performance. @direkrodel said: “Bravo McCoy De Leon you nailed that scene. Two thumbs up for your brilliant performance.” He consistently made audiences love him and hate him with his character turns all throughout the show.


Nash as Calvin when his being a schizophrenic was revealed

While he has been in the showbiz industry for a long time, Nash Aguas was never as gripping as an actor in The Good Son. He was commended for his compelling performance as Calvin “Cal” Gesmundo-Buenavidez, not only by audiences and netizens, but critics as well.

His most memorable moment on the show was when Cal was revealed to be schizophrenic.

His excellent performance brought tremor to the audience, as the big revelation day trended on social media with the hashtag “#TGSJustine”. Netizens commented that “Nash Aguas portrayed Calvin Buenavidez directly on point!” and “Nash Aguas really deserves the role and he deserves more recognition.”

After the successful finale of The Good Son, Joshua, Jerome, McCoy, and Nash seem to be ripe for the thespic picking in more challenging, breakout roles. With the recognition and acclaim they garnered, there is no doubt that these young actors will continue to have great contributions to the entertainment industry.


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