LOOK: Solenn Heussaff transforms into Paolo Ballesteros



4/26/2018 10:24 AM
LOOK: Solenn Heussaff transforms into Paolo Ballesteros

Photo credit: @solenn on IG


Solenn Heussaff may be a talented painter but she admitted that transforming using makeup is a challenge so she has a newfound respect for her My 2 Mommies co-star Paolo Ballesteros. Paolo is known to be an expert when it comes to makeup transformations.

On her blog, Solenn decided to do a makeup transformation to make herself look like Paolo.

“Of course, Paolo is just the best when it comes to these things and being a first-timer, I realized that I totally SUCK. Haha. Even though I paint and do makeup professionally, makeup transformation is a totally different art and requires a skill that I just don’t have in my pocket,” she wrote.

“I paint and I do make up, but transforming a face into another is probably the most difficult art haha. I appreciate Paolo's work even more now. Respect!!!!” she added in her Instagram caption.