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Coleen Garcia shares what she will miss most about being single

Coleen Garcia reveals why her 10-year age gap with Billy Crawford works.


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4/17/2018 9:04 AM
Coleen Garcia shares what she will miss most about being single


With her upcoming nuptials on April 20, Coleen Garcia said she has yet to turn into a bridezilla. “I think parang this week lang parang medyo naloka lang ako pero not to the point naman na terror, hindi naman. Pero parang na-stress lang ng slight. Actually I have a fever since kahapon but it’s more of a natural high din because my family is here, everybody’s here, Billy’s family arrived last night. But I’m just trying to recuperate para by the time of the wedding okay na ako,” she shared during her Despedida de Soltera held last April 14 in Pasay City.

With a 10-year age gap with her fiancé Billy Crawford, Coleen said the age difference actually worked for the two of them. “I guess because it really helps. I love that I’m with somebody that’s so experienced already, who’s been through so much in life to the point na I don’t have to worry about certain things kasi may mga bagay na pinagdaanan na niya. So he’s able to give me advice especially since he’s been in the industry for more than 30 years also. He’s lived all over the world. He’s lived in the States, in Paris, he’s really been everywhere so it helps. It really helps,” she admitted.

The 25-year-old sexy actress said she has no regrets leaving her single life because she has found the right man to bring out the best in her. “Kasi a lot of people are telling me before kasi siyempre medyo bata ‘di ba para magpakasal. They were telling me I have to enjoy first yung freedom ko. But you know I feel more free with Billy. I feel like I can be myself more with Billy. Kasi imbis na tino-tone down ko yugn sarili ko, I feel like he’s amplifying me even more. Kumbaga there are days na tamad ako, there are days na I’m discouraged, siya pa yung nagsasabi na, ‘Love, you should go spend more time with your friends. You should experience new things also kahit wala ako.’ Instead of holding me back, siya pa nag-e-encourage sa akin to experience new things and to really put myself out there,” she explained.