LOOK: Lauren Reid gets a surprise birthday party



4/15/2018 10:10 AM
LOOK: Lauren Reid gets a surprise birthday party

Photo credit to @laurenreidabook IG

Filipino-Australian showbiz newcomer Lauren Reid was pleasantly surprised by the party thrown for her by her friends, fans club, and her Folded and Hung family.

The Viva actress shared on Instagram how happy she was with the advance birthday celebration which caught her off-guard while she was doing her makeup. The post came with the caption:


“Thank you so much to my loving @foldedandhungph family,@laurenaticsph and everyone who surprised me! Grabbbeeeee super surprised ako mga friends! Dito lang ako sa make up chair, doing my thang thaaang then cakes and singing all around?! Hay nakooooo I don’t deserve all of you now let’s go out there and own this fashion show!!! ❤#ManilaX (my birthday is actually on the 17th, but they threw me a little something something because we were all together!)”


Catch the photos and video here: