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Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia give an update on their upcoming wedding

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia hold a Despedida de Soltera with both sides of the family.


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4/15/2018 11:01 AM
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia give an update on their upcoming wedding


As the day comes closer to their undisclosed wedding day this week, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia said everyone will still be able to part of their big day even if they aren’t at the actual ceremony. “We plan to keep people updated because we do have some relatives who won’t be able to make it. We have some friends who also won’t be able to make it so we’re going to make sure to keep them updated still online,” Coleen shared during her Despedida de Soltera held last April 14 in Pasay City.

The party, which included family members from both sides, was made extra special by the appearance of Billy’s parents who just flew in to the country the night before. During the opening program, Billy couldn’t help but share his sentiments. “This is what I’ve been praying for the longest time. I would like to welcome my parents. They actually just arrived last night. Just to let everyone know it’s been four years since we’ve last seen my parents and I’m so happy that they are here,” he said.

The Despedida de Soltera’s nautical theme was also very special for the bride-to-be because of very personal reasons. “My personal symbol is really an anchor because it symbolizes strength and stability. So I had it tattooed on my back tapos ginaya ako ni Billy. So we have the same tattoo on the same part on his back. So now it’s like strength and stability together as a unit,” she said.

Coleen admitted that wedding planning has really been a rollercoaster ride for her. “Actually normally Despedida de Soltera is planned talaga by the family of the bride. So my mom really headed the planning and they did such an excellent job with planning this whole thing and getting everyone together tonight. I guess now overflowing emotions are all coming in so it’s a lot of everything and more than anything it’s really the excitement, the overflowing love and it’s just nice really having our family together and this is just a taste of what we’re going to have at the wedding so ngayon pa lang pinipigilan na namin umiyak,” she said.

The 25-year-old actress said she was happy to see her fiancé’s parents again after a long while. “We met four years ago and it’s their first time ever since then to come back to the Philippines because they don’t get to visit here so often. It’s great they just arrived here last night and we surprised his brother. From the airport we went straight to his brother’s condo to surprise them,” she said. With all their other wedding details still being confirmed, Coleen admitted that they are still planning where to go for their honeymoon. “The honeymoon is still in the works. We’re in talks also with ABS-CBN, aligning all of our schedules because we both are kind of busy especially Billy he has active shows right now. So we want to make sure that everything goes through the management,” she added.


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