Nadine Lustre explains the meaning of her two tattoos

Nadine Lustre shares why she chose the symbols of a moon and a rose



4/1/2018 9:46 AM
Nadine Lustre explains the meaning of her two tattoos


In an exclusive interview with Tonight with Boy Abunda Online, Nadine Lustre was asked by the host if she had any tattoos. The Never Not Love You actress admitted she had two located on the inner part of both her wrists. Nadine said she has never explained the reason behind her tattoos before to the public. About her rose tattoo on her right wrist, Nadine explained, “The rose kasi, I love roses. It’s my favorite flower. So ang rose kasi is for self-love so when I look at the rose, parang I’m giving it to myself. When I look at it, it’s a reminder na, ‘Okay Nadine don’t forget ha, don’t forget to be good to yourself and to love yourself.’ So it’s for self-love.”
As for the moon tattoo on her left wrist, the sexy actress admitted it was the first one she got and was inspired by lyrics from one of her favorite British groups. “Medyo faded na siya, Tito Boy. I got it from Coldplay’s ‘Everglow’. Because there’s a line there that says, ‘And now you might be gone. Still I see you celestial,’ parang ganun. Moon kasi is a celestial body. So that song is the inspiration for the tattoo. Malalim siya. If you listen to ‘Everglow’, the meaning of the song or the vibe that you get from the song is all those people na wala na, parang they still give you that Everglow, they still make you smile, they still make you happy kahit wala na sila. So that’s what it means,” she shared.