Ice Seguerra explains why he changed his name

Paolo Lim


03/02/2018 03:26 PM
Ice Seguerra explains why he changed his name


Ice Seguerra (formerly known as Aiza) had everyone asking why he suddenly decided to change his name from “Aiza” to “Ice” last year. Even though it’s been years since he proudly came out as a trans man, Ice explained that he considers his name change move as a form of fully embracing his sexuality.

Kasi change is not easy. A lot of people are used to calling me Aiza. Actually when I came out as trans, nagdadalawang-isip ako nun eh. Do I still need to come out as trans? I mean I already came out as a lesbian before so do I need to come out as trans pa ba? Ang dami kong coming out. Ako na ang hari ng coming out. Alam mo ‘yun,” he said, citing the reasons why he was hesitant at first.

Revealing that his wife Liza Dino is the one who inspired him to come out as a trans man, he said, “But it was actually my wife who told me na ‘Love, that’s who you are’. Embrace it kasi how do you expect people to embrace you kung ikaw mismo sa sarili mo di mo mayakap na Ice na ang gustong itawag sayo - na ayaw mo ng 'ma’am.' Those little things. And actually if most of the things pile up, it makes me feel depressed. It makes me feel frustrated. So I had to come out. So hindi man matanggap ng mga tao lahat, at least they know.”

“So the reason why I didn’t tell anyone to call me Ice is siyempre alam nila na Aiza ako eh so why do I need to change it? Siguro ngayon mas nagmamatter na saken ‘yung sincerity, ‘yung authenticity. That this is the new me. I’m Ice - still me. Wala naman masyadong pinagbago, maliit pa din ako, kumakanta pa din ako. But I just want you to call me by that name,” he said, reiterating that the only thing that changed about him is his name. 

“So why Ice? First of all, di naman talaga malayo kasi Aiza. And since I was in high school, nickname ko na ‘yung Ice. So my closest friends, they call me Ice. They don’t call me Aiza. Kasi Aiza for me, napaka parang it’s very di na siya personal kasi showbiz ‘yung Aiza. Parang ganun. Although nickname ko siya talaga pero since ‘yung ginagamit ko siya for work parang ‘di siya personal masyado. That’s why ever since ‘yun ‘yung tawag sakin ng barkada ko - Ice. So nilabas ko lang sa iba,” he stated. 

Ice Seguerra renewed his ties with Universal Records where he is set to release a new single soon.