EXCLUSIVE: Ice Seguerra reveals baby plans with wife Liza Diño

Ice Seguerra talks about her strong marriage Liza Diño.

EXCLUSIVE: Ice Seguerra reveals baby plans with wife Liza Diño-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/17/2018 10:26 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Ice Seguerra reveals baby plans with wife Liza Diño
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After he and wife Liza Diño attended the recently concluded Sinag Maynila film festival, Ice (formerly known as Aiza) Seguerra said being together in events is something which they consider as quality time as well. “Kasi kami naman ni Liza we love to talk. As in we love talking to each other. So kami naman, yun yung maganda sa amin. Kapag done na ako with work tapos siya may work pa rin, I go with her, I drive her around. Kasi you have to make time. Hindi siya yung puwedeng pag may time ako gagawin ko. You have to make time for it kasi if hindi, yung hahayaan mo lang yung circumstance na magbigay sa ‘yo ng oras, walang mangyayari. So it’s really an effort,” he told PUSH.

After getting married three years ago, Ice admitted that their marriage has only gotten stronger even after they both got busy after being appointed to government positions. “Actually ngayon, para sa akin mas gumanda yung flow kasi parang Liza really found her balance now that she’s with FDCP. She’s doing something very special to her. She’s leading the community na mahal namin pareho and to greater heights so I’m just very happy that she’s achieving all these things and a woman like her who’s so smart and so passionate, talagang there’s nowhere to go but up. So I just enjoy watching her from the sidelines,” Ice explained.

Even though they already have a daughter Amara (from Liza’s previous relationship), Ice explained their plans to expand the family with another child via IVF or In Vitro Fertilization wherein an egg is combined with a sperm outside the body. “Liza will be the surrogate. Plano namin yung before we got married. We already have a girl so we would want a boy pero kung ano ibigay ‘di ba?” he said.

Even though it may not happen this year, Ice said it will happen for sure. “Well there’s always been a plan naman. Ang naging problem namin was na-appoint kami. So na-move ng na-move ng na-move but gusto talaga namin. So if not this year then maybe next year. Na-mo-move siya pero hindi nawawala yung plano,” he said.