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EXCLUSIVE: Mica Javier dishes out details on her international TV series
Mica: ‘Sana maging proud tayong lahat na pwede pa lang mag-shoot ng international series dito sa PIlipinas’

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3/13/2018 6:12 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Mica Javier dishes out details on her international TV series


Mica Javier certainly has lady luck on her side because her first title project had her working with none other than Hollywood star Steven Seagal.

Mica is part of the international series General Commander as the CIA agent named Maria Lopez.

In an exclusive interview with Mica, she shared that the project is a real dream-come-true and one that she didn’t really expect.

The Girl Trends member unabashedly shared that even though she has been undergoing acting training for a while now, she never really had the chance to showcase her talent because she often fails to book a role.

A friend of mine who knew that I wanted to continue auditioning, she told me that there is a go-see for an international series. I didn’t know what it was for and so I went. I just showed up,” she said.

She eventually found out that they were looking for a Spanish-Filipina, morena girl that can do action.

“I said immediately ‘okay I’m game!’ So I went to the audition. They told me that they’ll call me if I was going to audition some more,” she said.

After months of waiting, just when Mica’s already resigned into thinking that she won’t get a call back from that audition, she was wrong.

And when they came back, they called me and then I auditioned and then got called back again. Paulit ulit yung callback until I was told the good news that I booked the part,” she said.

What was her reaction when they told her that she got the role?

My reaction was a non-reaction. My reaction was ‘Oh, okay. That’s cool.’ And then they were like, ‘Are you happy about this? You don’t seem excited,’” she said.

But Mica has a logical explanation for her so-called non-reaction.

I think pag matagal kang naghihintay ng opportunity tapos biglang bumagsak sayo ang opportunity na gaya nito, hindi ka biglang na-e-excite. Parang it takes a while for it to sink in and I think yung ang nangyari sakin,” Mica shared. “So it took me a few weeks to realize na ‘Oh okay, I actually booked something cool.’”

The series follows the story of a group of CIA agents who are chasing criminals across the globe.

There’s a lot of action and a lot of layers of stories because the characters are also interesting and also very different,” described Mica of her newest project.

In end, Mica expressed pride over having the opportunity to represent the country.

She added, “Sana maging proud tayong lahat na pwede palang mag-shoot ng international series dito sa PIlipinas.”

Mica shared that General Commander is slated to come out this 2018.