May sama ba ng loob si Tony Labrusca sa kanyang amang si Boom?

Paolo Lim


03/12/2018 05:41 PM
May sama ba ng loob si Tony Labrusca sa kanyang amang si Boom?


During the launch of Star Magic Circle 2018 artists last Sunday, March 11, Tony Labrsuca had the media present abuzz after he candidly referred to his father Boom Labrusca as just "Boom" while answering one of the questions raised about feeling any pressure from his biological father who happens to be an actor as well.
"For me, kasi iba 'yung biological father ko po. Hindi po talaga siyang sumikat dito sa Pinas. So it's weird kasi I wasn't raised with him. So Donny and Leila - they always had their parents with them. So when I moved back to the Philippines, sumali po ako sa Pinoy Boyband tapos bigla na lang nandiyan na 'yung si Boom," he said. 
"For me, I just took it as a blessing as well kasi he's been in the industry for so long so there's a lot of things that I can learn from him. And so instead of me na kinocompare ko 'yung sarili ko sa kanya, I never even thought of maybe like 'Oh, I have to surpass my father' or 'What if people compare me to him' kasi this is my lane. All I have to do is stay in my lane," he continued. 
"I mean, there's nothing wrong with him helping me out kasi he's also there to support me. Kaya instead of thinking that it's a competition or that people would compare me to my biological father, why don't I just be grateful and see what he has to say and take in every blessing he has to give me.”
After making a straightforward statement, Tony prompted one member of the press to ask if he has hard feelings towards his estranged biological father. 
"Hindi naman po. Actually meron po kasi akong kapatid, a big brother with my biological father. Sobrang mahal ko po siya. And siya po ang naging bridge para sa aming dalawa," he stated. 
"You know, growing up with my mother hindi po siya nagkulang sa pagbibigay ng [pagma]mahal sa akin. I never really looked for my biological father so seeing him now, why would I feel the need to be angry with him? I mean sometimes in life people just go through things. I mean they gotta go through it. You know what I mean? It doesn't mean my father hated me. It doesn't me he didn't love me. It just meant that at that time, he was going through something and I don't need to hate him for it 'cause growing up, I think I'm fine," he said. 
Asked why it didn't cross his mind to look for his father, he answered, "Hindi ko siya hinanap kasi my mother and my stepfather gave me enough love and care. In Filipino culture, even if it's not our biological parents, we treat them as our family. Family, it doesn't always mean blood. Family is trust and it's that love and that connection you build with somebody."
Tony Labrusca joins Donny Pangilinan and Leila Alcasid in Star Magic's newest batch of artists with celebrity blood running through their veins.