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EXCLUSIVE: Why Christian Bautista chose to propose to his fiancee in a hotel room in Europe

He finally shared the kilig reason behind his hotel room proposal.



2/8/2018 1:01 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Why Christian Bautista chose to propose to his fiancee in a hotel room in Europe


Christian Bautista is undeniably happier than ever now that he is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Kat Ramnani. While the 31-year-old singer already shared in several interviews how his proposal came to be, people never had the chance to know the deeper reason behind his decision to propose in a hotel room among all the other romantic places in Europe. 

"I had a European tour with Sam, Dulce and Nanette Inventor and I decided to invite na rin Kat to go to Europe so that we could have a vacation after the tour. And I had the ring with me already. I bought it months before pa. I thought it would be a good location to do it - somewhere in Europe. Whether in Greece - Santorini or Athens. Or Venice or Milan." he said in an exclusive interview with PUSH during Ballet Manila and Klassikal Music Foundation's presscon for Ballet and Ballads. 

"We were in Athens, Greece - it was a beautiful city. We went to Santorini - it was a romantic city. I guess we went Venice, I guess one of the most romantic cities in the world and the ring was with me. And yet, I didn't feel it yet na parang to propose then and there even though the location was excellent, the weather was excellent," he added. 

Wanting to keep things as sincere as he possibly could, Christian Bautista chose a hotel room over other scenic places in Europe to pop the question to Kat Ramnani.

"I proposed in a room - in a hotel room. Simply because I wanted to show her na this relationship that we're having is about you and me. It's about the simplest things. It's about the regular, every day, day-to-day things. I thought that it was gonna be about grand gestures na Santorini na may mob, na may video. Hindi ako 'yun eh and hindi rin siya 'yun. So I wanted to be really really sincere. The funny thing is, sabi niya 'Oh, you did it here. Hindi tayo nakaayos. We're in our plain clothes'. But she loved it also because it was very honest and very real. We didn't even film, eh. I didn't even have hidden cameras set," he said. 

"I guess iba-iba yung tao eh. There's no problem in doing a public proposal. There's nothing wrong with setting up fireworks or all legions of fans. But for me, I believe in sincerity kaya ginawa ko siya na kaming dalawa lang. We don't even have an engagement photo or a video. Parang we took a photo a day or two after. Because for us, that's what matters. Tayong dalawa," he concluded. 

Christian Bautista said that he and Kat Ramnani are still looking for the perfect venue for their wedding, adding that they plan to tie the knot either late this year or early next year.