Wil Dasovich beats cancer

After six months of treatment, Wil Dasovich is now cancer-free.


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2/3/2018 10:16 AM
Wil Dasovich beats cancer


An emotional vlog was uploaded by Wil Dasovich on his YouTube channel on Tuesday, February 2 (US Time), revealing the state of his condition after undergoing cancer treatment for the last six months including chemotherapy and surgery.

In the video, Wil showed the moment he received the phone call, which revealed the results of the pathology analysis that would determine the presence of the remaining cancer cells in his body, or if his body has completely gotten rid of the disease. Wil was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer in August of 2017 and began treatment since then.

Much to the delight of Wil, he received good news from the phone call. Wil will no longer need any further treatment according to the medical officer. “This is a good outcome because all the lymph nodes were negative. The read would be there’d be no need for any further treatment. At this point, you will be just under surveillance," the medical officer told him. The news made Wil cry tears of happiness and shared that he is now ready to close this chapter of his life and move forward.|

“Life is full of ups and downs and part of living is finding a way to surpass as many obstacles thrown at your course. But if you will find a path with no obstacles it will probably won’t lead you anywhere. We all have challenges ahead of us but it’s all about how you respond to these challenges that will define you. Don’t let these challenges bring you down. Let it be the thing that lifts you up,” Wil said.

Watch the video below: