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EXCLUSIVE: Sephy Francisco on joining ‘I Can See Your Voice Korea’: ‘It’s life-changing’

Sephy Francisco details her experience on ‘I Can See Your Voice Korea’ which became a number 1 trending video on YouTube.


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2/15/2018 3:16 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Sephy Francisco on joining ‘I Can See Your Voice Korea’: ‘It’s life-changing’


Filipino contestant Sephy Francisco wowed the Korean audience with her performance of “The Prayer” on I Can See Your Voice Korea last January. In an interview with PUSH, Sephy revealed how she landed the stint in the show, which became a trending topic online. 

“Basically i joined ICSYV PH first, only to find out that there will be an upcoming Global Edition in Korea where the show originated. Fortunately I was chosen by the staff of ICSYV Ph ABS-CBN to represent our country, probably because I can sing in both male and female voices,” she shared.

Sephy gathered a lot of great memories from her experience in Korea. “It’s life-changing. It’s the very first time I traveled out of the country. And to be able to know the Korean culture, the food, the people, it’s all worth it. I feel so blessed to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity,” she stated.

Asked on how she felt when she received a standing ovation from the judges, she relayed, “I said to myself, ‘Mission Accomplished!’ Because that's one of my goals, for them to be wowed and to be entertained by my performance and I’m glad that I was able to leave an impression on them.”

According to Sephy, she began singing at a very young age. “I started singing I think when I was 9 years old. I remember my teacher asked me to sing in front of the class. Also my father, when they had gatherings with his friends, he used to make me sing. And I used to be part of a choir group since I was a kid which helped develop my singing ability,” she said. 

When it comes to her inspiration in life, Sephy relayed that it is her family who inspires her to reach for her dreams. “I  would love to give them the best life can offer. They are my inspiration [that’s] why I’m doing my best to achieve my dreams.”

What’s next for her after I Can See Your Voice Korea? “I’m looking forward to be chosen as one of the contestants of X Factor UK since I submitted my audition videos to them. Also, I’m hoping and praying that Ellen and Oprah will invite me someday to their shows and represent again the Filipino talents. Aside from that, a lot of offers came [like singing for] weddings, birthdays, parties and a lot more.

She hopes to collaborate with various Pinoy artists someday. “I would like to have a chance to collaborate with Jake Zyrus, KZ Tandingan, Kyla  and Yeng Constantino.”

Sephy extended her gratitude to those who watched and supported her I Can See Your Voice Korea performance video.  “I can’t thank you enough guys for supporting me. It gives me more courage to showcase more my talent in singing. Thank you as well for sharing and viewing it, because of that it became viral and number 1 trending on YouTube. I appreciate all of that,” she stated. 

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