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REVIEW: Seductive and bloody: Why ‘Sin Island’ will make you scream
Feel the heat of passion while watching ‘Sin Island’.

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2/14/2018 9:43 AM
REVIEW: Seductive and bloody: Why ‘Sin Island’ will make you scream
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Warning: Possible spoilers ahead

Reportedly uncut with an R-16 rating, Star Cinema’s Sin Island, starring Coleen Garcia, Xian Lim, and Nathalie Hart, is not an ordinary infidelity story.

Having lost his job as a sought-after photographer, David (played by Xian) falls into a depression that affects his relationship with his flight attendant wife Kanika (played by Coleen). As Kanika develops feelings for an airline pilot, a huge argument sparks between the married couple that leads David to soul search at Sinilaban Island. There he meets the free-spirited and liberated Tasha (played by Nathalie) with whom he has an affair.

This movie is a breakthrough for all the main actors. A deviation from his usual romantic roles, Xian took on a more mature persona of an unemployed married man. Coleen, although she has taken sexy characters before, portrayed an even sexier one.

The revelation in this movie, however, is Nathalie who surprised the viewers with her acting. Displaying a bold behavior, Tasha’s antics will surely amuse the viewers for being extraordinarily palaban. However, hold your horses as the story will soon unravel the ugly and scary truth behind her fearless ideologies. Her character’s twist and how effectively she executed it towards the latter part of the story should not be missed.

While it is not unusual to see the wife and the mistress engage in a dramatic catfight in movies, this film takes it to the next level as the drama becomes a thriller. So better hold onto your seats and get ready to feel the heat of passion and to scream in surprise and horror while watching Sin Island

Directed by Gino M. Santos, who also helmed the films Ex with Benefits and Love Me Tomorrow, Sin Island opens on February 14 in cinemas nationwide.