Luis Manzano claps back at Jessy Mendiola’s basher

The “I Can See Your Voice” host was prompted to respond after the netizen in question called his girlfriend “ahas” and “starlet”, to name a few.


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12/7/2018 12:20 PM
Luis Manzano claps back at Jessy Mendiola’s basher

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Luis Manzano has come up with a new tactic to use on Jessy Mendiola’s bashers – so as to test their courage when unprotected by their computer screens, he now summons them to a direct confrontation instead of engaging in a social media word war.

This, after a netizen called his girlfriend names in the comments section of an Instagram post Luis shared on Jessy’s 26th birthday. “Sana masaya ka sa pag uungkat ng nakaraan. Move on, girl! Kawawa ‘yung taong wala naman talagang may kasalanan. Dinamay mo pa si JM [de Guzman] at Enrique Gil sa pagkaka depress mo. Kasalanan mo naman ang lahat. Ahas. Starlet. Flop Queen. Pumayat nga pero mabaho pa rin,” said the basher with respect to the actress’ past relationship with ex-boyfriend JM de Guzman, as well as the controversial 2015 plane incident concerning Enrique Gil.


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Triggered by the unnecessary attack, the “I Can See Your Voice” host then was prompted to respond by challenging the netizen in question to a faceoff. “Huwag nagmamarunong kung walang alam sa lahat ng pangyayari, panindigan mo naman ang mga sinasabi mo, DM mo ako details mo. Promise bibigyan kita ng chance sabihin lahat ‘yan harap-harapan.

“Waiting sa DM ha, promise, ‘di ko ilalabas details mo pero ako mismo pupunta. Sent you a DM, details please… May lakad pa ako now, details please saan ka puwede puntahan,” wrote Luis, to which the basher, obviously intimidated, refused to reply.

Ever since coming out with their relationship two years ago, the celebrity couple has been the subject of criticism by fans and even the media, having been convinced that Luis’ romantic affair with Jessy overlapped with his then-relationship with ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin. However, in more than one occasion, both Luis and Jessy have strongly denied the accusations.


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