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Arjo Atayde still mum on rumored relationship with Maine Mendoza

In a recent radio guesting with his sister Ria, Arjo Atayde opted to offer his bracelet in exchange for keeping silent about Maine Mendoza.


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12/7/2018 2:13 PM
Arjo Atayde still mum on rumored relationship with Maine Mendoza

Photo credit: @mainedcm on IG (L)

It appears that Arjo Atayde still isn’t ready to dish out on the real score between him and his rumored girlfriend, Maine Mendoza.

In a recent radio guesting at MOR 101.9 with DJ Jhai Ho, the BuyBust actor, together with his sister, Ria, were dared to play their “Iwan or Laban” segment, wherein they have to answer a burning question from a netizen or else give up a piece of their clothing – which, in Arjo’s case, is the bracelet he was wearing for the interview.

During his sister’s turn, before which she promised to give up her pair of hoop earrings, Ria was asked whether or not it’s true that she only befriends her fellow celebrities for her self-interest. “Oh my god, sobrang hindi! Joke ba ‘yun? Pero, I mean, you know, gets ko naman kung bakit iisipin ‘yun. Pero, alam ko naman sa totoo yung laman ng puso ko. [If they want to] judge me, go ahead, pero I know my intention,” answered the Halik star confidently.

Once it came to Arjo, it’s no surprise that his one question was in connection with Maine. “Kaya ko kayang itanong? Parang ako yung magi-iwan,” hesitated Jhai at first, before continuing with, “Kayo naman na ba ng nali-link sa ‘yo na si Maine Mendoza?”

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Instead of giving his answer, however, the actor opted to give up his bracelet immediately – a move that brought about a  laugh from his sister who was sitting directly across from him.

Incidentally, Maine, with whom Arjo worked with in the Metro Manila Film Festival official entry Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles, has finally broken her silence over the said dating speculations just recently. “Friends kami. We’re going out as friends,” answered the actress when prodded by the press during the film’s media conference. “Getting-to-know-each-other phase. Siyempre paano mo makikilala ang isang tao kung hindi kayo magsasama at mag-uusap?”

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It was in October when Arjo and Maine were first linked together after being spotted at a restaurant in Quezon City, then again in a bar at Bonifacio Global City mere days after.

Despite their attempts to avoid of the media, rumors intensified when photos of the two attending a Halloween party as Scooby Doo’s Fred and Daphne spread like wildfire all over the Internet. The scoop was shared on Twitter by the rumored couple’s shippers, who have since dubbed their fandom, “ArMaine” and/or “ArDub”.