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LOOK: Richard Gomez shares ‘bagets’ photos with Lucy Torres-Gomez

Here’s a throwback to when Richard Gomez would wear and slay in a leopard-print underwear.



12/31/2018 10:14 AM
LOOK: Richard Gomez shares ‘bagets’ photos with Lucy Torres-Gomez

Photo credits: @richardgomezinstagram IG

It’s hard to picture a day when Richard Gomez—a father, respected actor and now leader of Ormoc City—would ditch his usual crisp uniform for a more playful outfit, say, a leopard-print low-cut underwear. 

But this was his reality many years ago when he started his career as a model. And while he has gotten past this particular phase of his life, the 52-year-old star has no qualms sharing an old photo of his from the past, however “bagets” and “baduy” it may seem to many, most especially his daughter, Juliana Gomez.

Last Saturday, Richard turned to Instagram to share a throwback photo from an old photo shoot he did back in the ‘90s, alongside that of his wife’s, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez, when they were still young in their prime.

“When it is 2019 already, but deep inside you still feel as young as you look in faded photographs,” said the Three Words to Forever actor of the amusing throwback, much to his fans’ delight.

And speaking of 2019, Richard has previously shared his wish for the year to come, both for himself and his family.

“This year 2018 was definitely a very good one. Not perfect but super, really good. 

“I’m looking forward to a happier, stronger and productive year in 2019. Spreading the love we have,” said Richard, pertaining to his longtime and happy marriage to Lucy.