WATCH: Julius Babao shows his house filled with paintings

Julius Babao shows off his art collection.

Kristhoff Cagape


12/30/2018 10:22 AM
WATCH: Julius Babao shows his house filled with paintings
Photo screenshot from: ANC-X: Julius Babao House Tour on Youtube

News anchor Julius Babao gave a house tour in a video feature by ANC-X, wherein he showcased his love for the arts. In the said feature, Julius shared he calls his house "Casa Uccello” and that he is an avid art collector.

Some of the paintings he owns include artwork by Elmer Borlongan called "Kapit Tuko," a painting by Davao-based artist Bermudez, and an art piece by US-based artist Soyeon Lee. He also shared that he now owns an artwork created by one of the painters he looks up to. "My dream was really to own a painting by Gottfried Heinwein. “Years ago, I only dreamed of owning his painting. But now the dream has come true and this is Pepper," he said in the video.

Julius also showed their prayer room which he calls the "heart of the house," his gallery and his closet filled with Supreme items. He relayed that he is into street fashion and collects hoodies too. 

Watch the video below: