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Julia Barretto launches her own IGTV series ‘Just Julia’

Fans are just a click away from getting to know the Julia behind the spotlight of showbiz.


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12/3/2018 3:47 PM
Julia Barretto launches her own IGTV series ‘Just Julia’

Photo credit: @juliabarretto on IG

Julia Barretto has officially launched her new baby, ‘Just Julia’, her first and only series on Instagram TV where fans can take an exclusive peek on her life away from the spotlight and all the glamour of show business.

“This is me. Just Julia. I’ve been slowly working on this little project of mine that would let me freely express myself; no scripts, no spotlight, no roles–just entirely me, just Julia,” wrote the Ngayon at Kailanman lead actress as she introduced the series early last Sunday, December 2, on Instagram.

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In her pilot episode, Julia stated that the project is her way of giving back to her fans, as well as reaching out to those who have yet to know the real her. “I am making an IG TV because I really want to be able to connect with my followers. I want them to feel that they can relate with me, they can connect with me, and that there’s something that they can learn from me. There’s so many misconceptions and judgments and wrong opinions about me, that I also want people to give me a chance to get to know me, a chance to hear from me, hear from my side. And I just want it to be fun. I just want them to have a peek into my world, the life that I have, the life that I’m living.

“I’ve been very, very private, but I’m very much willing to share pieces of my life to everybody so I’m excited about that,” ended the 21-year-old star together with her signature hashtag, “#JustJulia”.

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