Is this Lars Pacheco's new boyfriend?

Lars Pacheco posted a photo of herself with a guy named Clyde Vivas.



12/3/2018 8:52 AM
Is this Lars Pacheco's new boyfriend?

Photo credit: Lars Pacheco's FB

Two weeks after confirming her breakup with non-showbiz boyfriend Gino Hinolan, Lars Pacheco surprised her followers on Facebook after she posted a photo of herself with a guy named Clyde Vivas. 

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Though she didn't confirm whether or not the guy is her new boyfriend, fans were quick to go after her in the comments section and called her out for allegedly going against the '3-month rule,' where after a break up, the parties involved are expected to wait for three months before entering the dating scene again. 

Seemingly having had enough of the upsetting words thrown against her, Lars wrote in a separate post: "So what's with the 3-month rule? Hindi lahat ng napapanood ginagaya at hindi lahat ng tao katulad ni basha. Iba-iba ang perceptions natin pag dating sa pag momove on. Yung iba inaabot ng taon yung iba isang linggo. And that doesnt mean na kapag after break up at nakahanap ka agad ng iba is ikaw ang nag loko at ikaw ang masama."

"You know what's wrong with people nowadays? They judge knowing just the first page of the 200-paged story. But anyways, wag mong ipagkait sa sarili mo ang sumaya. Wag kang mapagod mag mahal. Wala sa tagal wala sa bilis. Lahat ay sa kung anong nararamdaman. For as long as you know your heart is pure and your intentions are clean, no words can ever stop you from loving. This girl will never get tired of loving. Just love," she added.