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REVIEW: 5 Reasons why you should watch ‘Mary, Marry Me’

Here are the reasons why you need to watch Toni and Alex Gonzaga’s first movie team-up.

Kristhoff Cagape


12/29/2018 11:23 AM
REVIEW: 5 Reasons why you should watch ‘Mary, Marry Me’
Photo credit: @celestinegonzaga IG

Mary, Marry Me is the first movie team-up of celebrity sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga. It is a dream come true not only for the sisters but also for their fans, who have eagerly waited for this movie to happen. The film tells the story of sisters Mary Jane (Toni) and Mary Anne (Alex), who are reunited after many years. However, they find themselves at odds with each other over Mary Anne’s groom-to-be named Pete (Sam Milby), who is the ex-boyfriend of Mary Jane. Will they prove that family comes first before romance?

The movie is a certified hit at the box-office and with movie critics. Here are five reasons why you need to watch Mary, Marry Me at the Metro Manila Film Festival:


1. Toni and Alex Gonzaga’s natural onscreen chemistry

It might be their first time working together for a movie, but the celebrity sisters have proven their incredible chemistry time and again. Their scenes felt natural, their deliveries are on point, and their comedic timing together was truly enjoyable.


2. Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby still bring the kilig

It might have been years since they last worked together, but Toni and Sam prove that they can still bring the kilig to the moviegoers. Their scenes show how their onscreen spark is still very palpable after all these years.


Kahit christmas bawal ang sharing ng jowa! 😂 Showing tomorrow!!!! #marymarrymemmff2018

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3. You will laugh out loud

There are a lot of scenes that will make you guffaw. The sisters’ comedic timing is truly excellent as with the supporting cast especially Melai Cantiveros who plays the role of Carey, Mary Anne’s best friend. Prepare to laugh out loud throughout the entire film.


4. It is filled with lessons

The movie is not just about the laughs, it is also filled with lessons about family, love, and forgiveness. You will leave the movie theater filled with realizations that at the end of the day, a family’s love can withstand everything.


Mary Ann and Mary Jane’s ride this morning to visit Quezon!! #marymarrymemmff2018

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5. There are cute cameos

Make sure that you keep your eyes glued on the silver screen because there are a lot of cute cameos in the film. Even if they are just cameos, they are for sure very entertaining.

Mary, Marry Me is now showing in cinemas nationwide as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival.