WATCH: Kontrabida 101 with Yam Concepcion

Here’s what makes Yam the perfect Jade Bartolome!

WATCH: Kontrabida 101 with Yam Concepcion-Paulea Benoza
Paulea Benoza

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12/26/2018 09:09 AM
WATCH: Kontrabida 101 with Yam Concepcion
Screenshot from Preview Ph's YouTube video

Having gone viral for taking on the role of a mistress in Halik, Yam Concepcion certainly knows a thing or two about what makes a perfect kontrabida — from the killer stares to the intense lines which have made Jade Bartolome herself one hell of a character to remember. 

In a 101 video for Preview, the award-winning actress shared that the gaze is one of the keys to being an effective kontrabida. 

“A good kontrabida can look you in the eye and can judge you from head to foot,” said Yam. 

The Halik star also demonstrated the three levels of television slaps. 

“The secret to slapping is just going with the motions. Or put a blush on and you’ll never get hurt,” said Yam.

The 29-year-old celebrity is Preview’s muse for their December issue. In their cover story, the glossy sang Yam’s praises for having delivered a job that surpassed the expectations of many. 

“Yam, for one, is quick to give credit to the show’s directors and her co-actors. After all, it does take a village to mount a successful show. But to masterfully execute a TV character who has the capacity to break the internet, that entails truly convincing acting and dedication to the craft as well. Yam—who admits that she still has a lot to learn—takes her role to heart. What makes her so effective as Jade comes from a place so real and raw,” said the local mag of Yam.