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REVIEW: Anne Curtis is praiseworthy in horror-thriller 'Aurora'

Here are a few reasons for you to see Anne Curtis slay in the MMFF horror-thriller 'Aurora.'



12/26/2018 10:40 AM
REVIEW: Anne Curtis is praiseworthy in horror-thriller 'Aurora'
Screenshot from Viva Ent's YouTube video

After starring in the critically-acclaimed action-thriller film Buybust earlier this year, Anne Curtis capped off her 2018 with a strong film that will leave you at the edge of your seat throughout its entire one-and-a-half hour run inside the cinema. 

Horror-thriller filmmaker Yam Laranas created yet another masterpiece in Aurora, a story about how a ship that killed thousands of passengers after hitting a huge rock, started to haunt the lives of two sisters who reside in a quiet seaside town in Batanes.

Leana and her sister run an inn that also serves as their home, which is only a few thousand meters away from where the shipwreck happened. With a few people hoping that some of the dead bodies get washed ashore, Leana found herself accepting an offer to get paid a hefty 50,000 pesos each time she finds a piece.

While the film's buildup takes viewers on a roller coaster ride of “what ifs,” the ending will make up for it and will make everyone keep wanting for more. It's scary good. 

Taking on the role of a strong female character, Anne Curtis delivered a performance that goes beyond what people see of her on most days on national television. While she has already proven herself worthy of praises in her previous films, particularly in the action-packed thriller Buybust, Anne seamlessly portrayed yet another role that needed no lines to convey the message, just thought-provoking emotions.

In a sea of horror films that hit movie theaters from time to time, Aurora stands out as Anne Curtis proves that one doesn't need to be a scream queen to deliver a chilling performance. 

Watch the trailer below:

Also part of the film are Marco Gumabao, Allan Paule, Andrea Del Rosario, Arnold Reyes, Mercedes Cabral, Ricardo Cepeda, Sue Prado, and Ruby Ruiz.